6 Reasons to Surround Yourself with Positive People During Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an incredible journey; it’s an experience unlike any other. When you’re pregnant, you’re responsible for the life of another human. For a lot of people, this can be incredibly stressful. You might find yourself wondering if you’re doing everything right, if you’re doing enough to care for both yourself and your baby. It’s totally normal to worry during your pregnancy. But too much stress brought on from your own anxieties and your environment can be harmful for your pregnancy. Here are six reasons to surround yourself with positive people during your pregnancy:

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1. They’ll encourage you

Pregnant or not, you should make it your goal to surround yourself with positivity. When you’re expecting a baby, especially if it’s your first, it takes a while to adjust. And each season of pregnancy looks different for every new mom. Some women have fairly easy pregnancies and some have a really difficult time. But what’s important is that you feel encouragement and support every step of the way. 

Positive friends and family members will cheer you on through the rough times and help you keep a positive attitude. Some days when you feel like you just can’t get out of bed, words of encouragement will help to reinforce that you are, in fact, doing a great job. 

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2. Kindness breeds kindness

Studies show that when you practice kindness, it creates a ripple effect with three degrees of separation. People who show kindness can have a significant positive impact on both you and your baby. 

When you surround yourself with compassionate and caring people, you create a kind environment to raise your child. And since kindness breeds kindness, your child will learn how to bring more positivity into the world.

3. It’s good for your baby’s health

Children born to moms who were overly stressed and anxious during pregnancy are reported to have weaker immune systems than other babies. When you surround yourself with positive people who remind you to breathe deeply and relax, it can lower your stress and anxiety levels. 

As a result, both you and your baby will be healthier and happier. Negativity and stress break down both our emotional and physical strength. This is why positivity is so important for a healthy pregnancy.

4. You’ll create great memories

Your pregnancy might feel like a lifetime when you’re right in the middle of it, but it’s just a season that will soon pass. And when you think back on it, you’ll want to remember all the times people cared for you, extended grace, and made you laugh.

If you surround yourself with positive people during pregnancy, you’re going to associate those nine months with good things. Pregnancy is such a blessing and you should do all you can to remove negativity from the experience.

5. You’ll get pampered

Aside from the fact that you’re bringing a baby into the world, one of the best parts about being pregnant is the special treatment people give you. Let’s face it, a positive person is more likely to gift you a hot meal when you just don’t feel like cooking. They might even take you out to your favorite restaurant. So let the positive people in your life pamper you! Even if you don’t like the spotlight, you’ll be so thankful for all the attention—especially after your baby is born.

6. You’ll feel more confident

During pregnancy, women typically gain 25 to 35 pounds and many report feeling overweight and unattractive. Feeling ashamed of your body image for nine months straight can take a toll on your emotional health. Positive people are generally more confident and they want you to feel more confident, too. They’ll go out of their way to lift your spirits and offer words of praise. 

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Being pregnant is a beautiful thing and an amazing experience. Spend this time with loving, positive people to make it even more memorable and special. What are your suggestions for staying positive during pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Reasons to Surround Yourself with Positive People During Your Pregnancy

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