6 Fun Easter Ideas + Gifts to Try With the Kids

Easter is somehow just around the corner. And, despite the fact that I feel like Christmas just happened, I'm looking forward to the holiday because it's a reminder that there might be some small hope of spring around the corner. 

Although Easter may not be as exciting as the pile of presents around the holidays, it's still right up there as one of my personal favorites. I love the prospect of brunch food (coffee! cake! asparagus!) and the fun of running around outside for an Easter egg hunt, even if there is still snow on the ground. So if you're like me and looking forward to Easter, here are some Easter ideas to try with your kids! 

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These Easter “Carrot Patch” Brownies

Image via Delish.com

I'm totally making these Easter brownies for my family's Easter brunch because I feel like they are totally manageable from my limited abilities in the kitchen. They only require boxed brownies and frosting, and a little bit of orange food coloring with some chocolate-covered strawberries. Voila! Especially after watching “Peter Rabbit” together as a family, I know this is a treat my kids will be on board with. Get the full recipe + a super simple video tutorial (I say this because I actually watched and memorized it already!) at Delish.com

The Story Egg

Image via The Story Egg

Who doesn't love nesting eggs, right? This unique family game incorporates the story of Easter through a beautifully illustrated book and seven nesting eggs that each contain a new lesson for learning about Easter. It's the best kind of Easter egg hunt yet (and it's not over in 10 seconds flat!). Learn more at The Story Egg.

These Animal Backpack Pouches

Image via ZIPIT/ Amazon

If your kids are anything like mine, they are probably obsessed with 1) anything small and 2) anything they can hook on their backpacks. It's become the “thing” to show off who has the coolest backpack looks. I know these small, themed pouches would be a hit with my pre-teen crowd, thanks to their hooks that allow them to attach to backpacks and their zippered pouch “mouths” that can hold tiny treasures. And even better? They have plenty of themed animals, including a bunny that's perfect for Easter and is available on Amazon Prime for all you last minute Easter Bunnies. 

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These Anti-Microbial Flip-Flops

Image via Showaflops/ Amazon

Remember last year, when everyone was panicking over how dirty and gross flip-flops are and how no one should wear them because the amount of bacteria they have is too gross to comprehend? Well, these flip-flops are a solution to gross, dirty flip-flops. They have special holes and layers to help drain away bacteria and fungi and feature fun styles for spring and summer. Pick them up online at Amazon


This sparkly SPF

You know how kids hate putting sunscreen on but you always insist because, well, skin cancer? One company has created an SPF that no kid resist, because it includes–you guessed it–glitter! It comes in tons of different varations, from rainbow glitter to mango tango. Buy online at at Sunshine & Glitter.  

This free “Pin the tail on the bunny” game

This adorable Pin the Tail on the Bunny game comes totally free and totally printable right at home, thanks to Ella Clara Inspired. Print it here

Do you have any fun Easter ideas that your family loves? Share in the comments!

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6 Fun Easter Ideas + Gifts to Try With the Kids

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