6 Baby Names We Loved That Didn’t Make the Cut

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I love names, and I think a name can have a big impact on our lives—whether we hate our name, love it, or have others constantly comment on it. I don't have a very common name, and while it's becoming more common now for females to have a name that's typically thought of as being a male name, my name was the topic for discussion quite a few times when I was younger. 

When it came to naming my own children, I had a few criteria I wanted their names to meet. I didn't want them to be common, but not too out there either. I wanted them to sound strong (like the name of a CEO of a large company) and make a good impression. I also wanted them to have some back-up middle names that have family meaning for them to choose from later in life. I don't like names that can be shortened into nicknames, and I didn't want their names to be a source of heartache for them. 

When it came to naming our fourth child, I wanted his name to fit all these criteria – plus sound good with the names of our three older children. I didn't want their names to sound too similar, to rhyme, or for one to stand out as the odd one when you heard them all together. Pair that with making sure the last name sounds good with the first and that's quite a list. Once we found the name, we knew it was the name. We decided it would work wonderfully for either gender. Because we had changed our minds from not wanting to know his gender to wanting to know his gender, his name was set very early on. 

We had been debating names for a long while, and came across some great names that we considered and eventually crossed off our list. I still love these names, but for some reason or another, they didn't quite make the cut. 


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Emerson: We loved this name early on and debated it for our third child—a girl—but we went a slightly different direction. Though this name would be amazing for a boy or a girl, we wanted something a little more “feminine” for our daughter at the time. 

Stellan: I don't know where we first heard this name, but it had everything I had hoped for. It was not popular, but not too out there. We had to pass on it because it didn't fit well with our baby's last name. 


Kingston: I have loved this name for a long time and always wondered if I would use it. That was until a famous celebrity named her son Kingston, and then I let it go in fear of it getting too popular. We have a child whose name kind of rhymes with this name, so that was another strike against the name.

Harlan: I had no idea, but Harlan is a city name for a lot of places in the United States. I'm Canadian, and I don't think there's a city or county here with the name, but I fell in love with it after hearing the name on some random movie that I can't even remember the name of. It's not too strong of a name, and yet you can't make it into a nickname, which is a big bonus. It works well with the baby's last name, but the more I thought about the name in our family, for some reason it just wasn't perfect. 

Niyha: We love unique names, and this one not only sounds gorgeous and unique, but it fits with all our criteria, despite it only sounding OK with the baby's last name. Although we love it like crazy, it was dropped from our list early on. 

Satine: One of my favorite movies of all time is “Moulin Rouge,” and one of the songs from the soundtrack was my first song at my wedding. It's a beautiful love story, and the main character Satine brought the name to my attention. I have loved it so much, and if this baby was a girl, it might still be on our list. 

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6 Baby Names We Loved That Didn’t Make the Cut

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  1. I played around with Jubilee for a while, if we have a son he will be Tobias Edward, if we have another daughter she will be Penelope Rosemarie

  2. Molly says:

    We had Landon, Conner, Cooper, Wyatt and Jack on our list. We had our friends and family vote on their favorite, in a poll. The one with the most votes won.

  3. Dece says:

    While I am done having babies – 3 was one more than we had planned. 😉 There were many names I loved and most were family names.
    1. Linda – this was my mom’s name and she passed away before I became pregnant with my youngest child. He was a boy anyway, but… yeah. Also, Linda was such a 1940’s name that we were afraid it might sound too old.

    2. Aurelia – a 3rd or 4th great grandmother’s name. My cousin has since named her daughter this, so at least someone is putting it to good use!!

    3. Olivia – glad I didn’t use this one as it’s become so popular! I had a great-grandmother whose name was Olive.
    4. Her name was Olive Pearl and went by Pearl. Again, it’s old fashioned but special.
    5. Boys names… I wish I could have named a son James after my father, but I’ve already got a brother and nephew with the name. 😉 I love biblical names, especially from the New Testament. 😉

    My name is Dece and I’m named after my grandmother. It rhymes with peace (NOT Dee-Cee).

  4. Beth says:

    I love the name Zyra Bella for a girl and my husband does to but our family thinks it’s awful so I doubt we’ll use it if we ever have a girl.

  5. Marie says:

    My oldest was going to be named Kai, but I ended up naming him Paul after my grandfather who passed away three weeks before he was born. He thinks I should of named him Kai, that is cooler. 😉 My daughter is named Gaia Rose, and my youngest is Logan. My husband really wanted to name my youngest Wolverine! He thought it would be the coolest name lol We compromised with Logan. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and we don’t know the gender, but I having a feeling we are having another girl. So far we have narrowed in down to either Arya Moon or Calliope Ann. We can’t agree on any boy names yet, you know, just in case I am wrong. As you can see we kind of lean torwards not too common names too.

    • Kim says:

      Wolverine! You coulda gone for it. We have 7 children. GGBBBBG. We took turns naming them. One of us would get the 1st name, the other the middle name. Here goes: Amber Starr,(kinda popular now, not then), Jade Aponi (Aponi means butterfly), Dakota Baran, Sterling Shadow,(my huusband’s Wolverine), Zephyr Zane, Sky Hunter, Nile Meridian. No regrets. Except Jade married a man with the last name “Blue”. Kinda funny.

  6. Allicia says:

    I have a niece named Satene 🙂
    I have a baby on the way and we are having a horrid time coming
    Up with a boys name because we can’t agree on anything

  7. jej03 says:

    I named my youngest child Brienne, after a character from the Song of Fire and Ice series (or as most people know it – Game of Thrones). However, I did consider Larkin (last name of a famous Native American ballerina; my husband is Cherokee), and also Mischa because I just love it for boys and girls. If we ever have another (probably not, since Brienne is our 3rd), I’m gunning for Mischa again. 🙂

  8. Rebecca says:

    Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All. We just didn’t think it would fit on the birth certificate. And that other kids might be kinda jealous.

  9. Sarah says:

    All our kids are “J’s”. Didn’t start out on purpose, just ended up that way. I love the name Job. I thought we could call him Jobey. But Job means “persecuted”. I’m a big one for name meaning and I could not imagine telling my son someday, “Yeah, your name means persecuted.” 🙂

  10. Molly says:

    Conner, Cooper and Wyatt were 3 of the 4 we had that we did not choose.

  11. Timothy says:

    We have picked Meeka Renae Jordan and love it..❤


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