Baby Names: 50 Baby Names Climbing the Charts

Names fluctuate in popularity. Sometimes a name is not very popular for years, even decades, and then all of a sudden it makes a comeback! These are names that were not very popular in 2015 but started climbing the charts in 2016 (and 2017 as well). Are you looking for a name that is pretty unique? Check out this list of names climbing the popularity charts (but are still nowhere near the Top 10 list of baby names!):

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Girls Names

  1. Kehlani (means: Sea and Sky)
  2. Royalty (means: the state of being royal)
  3. Saoirse (pronounced SEER-shə or SAIR-shə, means: freedom)
  4. Ophelia (means: help)
  5. Aitana (means: high honor)
  6. Alessia (means: defending warrior)
  7. Avianna (means: bird)
  8. Nalani (means: calm skies)
  9. Joelle (means: Jehovah is his God)
  10. Poppy (means: poppy flower)
  11. Reign (means: to lord over, to take charge)
  12. Antonella (means: first born)
  13. Bexley (means: Bexley, a section of Greater London)
  14. Blaire (means: dweller on the plain)
  15. Sylvie (means: from the forest)
  16. Mercy (means: compassion)
  17. Celine (means: heavenly)
  18. Adley (variation of Hadley, means: heather field)
  19. Harlee (means: the long field)
  20. Calliope (means: beautiful voice)
  21. Novalee (variation of Nova, means: new)
  22. Remi (means: oarsmen)
  23. Ariah (variation of Aria, means: air or lioness)
  24. Jayde (variation of Jade, means: stone of the side)
  25. Elora (means: the Lord is my light)

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names climbing
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Boys Names

  1. Kylo (made popular from the Star Wars film, means: narrow bit of land)
  2. Creed (means: belief or guiding principle)
  3. Benicio (means: blessed)
  4. Adonis (means: lord)
  5. Fox (means: fox animal, cunning)
  6. Kye (means: sea)
  7. Hakeem (means: judicious)
  8. Shepherd (means: herder of sheep)
  9. Wilder (means: wild, more wild)
  10. Zayn (means: God is gracious)
  11. Eason (means: protector, great one)
  12. Franco (means: Frenchman or free one)
  13. Apollo (means: manly beauty, God of Greek and Roman pantheon)
  14. Kingsley (means: King’s field)
  15. Bridger (means: dwells near a bridge, builder of bridges)
  16. Grey (means: gray-haired)
  17. Alistair (means: defender of man)
  18. Conor (means: dog lover or wolf lover)
  19. Arlo (means: fortified hill or barberry tree)
  20. Boone (means: good, a blessing)
  21. Bodie (means: shelter, one who brings news)
  22. Finnley (means: white or fair warrior)
  23. Westley (means: from the west meadow)
  24. Brixton (means: a district of south London)
  25. Hayes (means: hedged area)

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Are you in love with any of these names climbing the charts? Do you prefer names that are more popular or more unique?

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Baby Names: 50 Baby Names Climbing the Charts

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