5 of the Weirdest Parts of Being Pregnant (Seriously)

Pregnancy is a weird time. I mean, think about it. From literally nothing, your body is able to produce a human being or two … or like, eight. I mean fingers and toes and whole organs growing inside of you … How is that even possible? It's actually kind of horrifying when you think about it. 

And that's before you even start fully dwelling on how the baby gets out, but we won't get there. Instead, let's just pass the time by focusing on how weird pregnancy really is, right down to these hard-to-believe, sometimes gross, and always interesting, facts about what can really happen during your pregnancy. The following are some of the downright weirdest parts of being pregnancy. 

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weirdest parts

Having the toilet seat turn blue.

So apparently, this is a thing. I have to admit that I've never heard of it or had it happen to me personally. But according to the bowels of the Internet, it is a real phenomenon. Some women actually sit on the toilet seat (it has to be white) and have it turn blue and no one really knows why. Some people think it's because of prenatal vitamins and others think it has something to do with hormones. But whatever it is, if it's happened to you, know you are not alone, my friend. 

Certain, um, parts turning colors. 

Yes, I'm talking about your lady parts and it's due to increased blood flow and volume everywhere, which can cause your vagina to turn a slight hue of blue. Weird, right? 

Bleeding gums. 

Maybe I missed that part of the science lesson, but I honestly wasn't prepared for it to look like I murdered someone in my bathroom sink after flossing. But through all nine months, that's exactly what went down. The blood doesn't bother me anyway …

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Milk way before you thought you'd get milk.

This doesn't happen to everyone, but just in case you're one of the lucky few, know that for some women, colostrum production can start super early. Like months early. I swear to you I had colostrum in the milk makers when I was only like five or six months along with my son. It freaked me the heck out, but I know a lot of other moms who have had it happen to them too, so don't panic if you notice some leaking lactation. 

Very uncomfortable sex dreams.

Well, they're uncomfortable in the morning at least, when you remember them and blush with shame. No, you're not actually in love with your OB or that guy at the grocery store or, in my case, Matt Damon. (My husband knows, so don't worry, we're all friends here.) It's just a nice little perk from the pregnancy hormones, so keep the shame (and the dirty details) to yourself, it's fine. 

What was your weirdest pregnancy symptom?

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5 of the Weirdest Parts of Being Pregnant (Seriously)

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