5 Ways to Pamper Your Feet During Pregnancy

Image: adapted from Flickr/ VinothChandar
Image: adapted from Flickr/ VinothChandar


Would you like to hear something that probably won't surprise you? My feet hurt. Shocker, right? At nine months pregnant, my feet have taken on a lot of extra weight and have had to balance a whole new front-heavy shape, and believe me, they're feeling it. I know that sore feet is kind of a “thing” in pregnancy, and it makes sense—our feet carry us everywhere. For some of us, it's the extra weight of pregnancy or the hormones released to relax ligaments and tendons which also affect our feet, and if you're like me, you might have to deal with tarsal tunnel as well. 

I have found walking and standing to become increasingly more achy and painful for my feet by the end of the day, and so I've been sure to give my feet some extra pampering during pregnancy.

WebMD describes tarsal tunnel syndrome as “pressure on nerves to the foot causing pain. Persons with this disorder may notice a painful burning or tingling sensation in and around the ankles, sometimes extending to the toes” and it can affect pregnant women the same way the more familiar carpal tunnel syndrome affects your hands. 

I developed tarsal tunnel around the time I was 25 weeks pregnant. It's a result of those pesky hormones that are getting my pelvis and hips ready for birth, but they don't discriminate. I have found walking and standing to become increasingly more achy and painful for my feet as my pregnancy progresses. I've been sure to give my feet some extra pampering during pregnancy to help combat the work they're putting in for me. 

Even if you don't develop tarsal tunnel, which I hope you don't, pampering your feet during pregnancy can be a relaxing and pain-relieving way to treat yourself while your body is busy growing a healthy baby.

Get a massage: Whether you get a professional or your partner to rub your feet, massages for your feet feel like heaven. Massages can help relieve the aches and pains as well as swelling that may accumulate over the course of the day. 

Go for a pedicure: I've never had a pedicure ever in my life, but I have one scheduled soon because with all the pain my feet have had to put up with, at least they will look pretty. Often you get a soak and a massage while you're getting your toes polished, so it's a wonderful round of pampering. 

Try Epsom salt soaks: Epsom salt is like my best friend right now because it makes everything feel better. I suggest getting peppermint-scented Epsom salt and warm water and letting your feet hang out in there a few times a week. Not only does it feel great while your feet are soaking, it will make your feet feel great afterward as well. 

Use coconut oil at night with socks: I get dry skin when I am pregnant, and the discomfort from that afflicts my feet as well. One of my favorite ways to pamper my achy feet is to slather them in coconut oil at the end of the day and put on a pair of socks. When I wake up in the morning, the coconut oil has done its work, and my feet are baby soft!

Find great fitting, comfortable shoes: Feet change size and swell during pregnancy, and one easy way to make your feet feel loved is to pay attention to your footwear. Make sure you accommodate the newer size and swelling, and get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes that can grow with your feet. If they're slightly snug at the start of the day, they'll be painful to wear by the end of the day, so keep that in mind. 

I have never had issues with pain in my feet quite like this pregnancy thanks to the tarsal tunnel, but making sure I treat my feet with care and love and pampering them as often as I can has made it easier. If you've got foot aches during pregnancy, be kind and treat them well—you and your feet will be happier!

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5 Ways to Pamper Your Feet During Pregnancy

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  1. JaMeika says:

    Another thing that I have tried to relieve foot pain is a mixture of ice in warm water in a foot bath after the water cools I have my partner massage my feet put on a cocoa butter rub and socks for the night they feel like heaven when I wake up in the morning!


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