5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Brand New Dad

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for many couples. While you may have celebrated in years past by heading out to a fancy dinner, booking a romantic getaway, or planning an adventurous date, this year is different. Now that a baby has joined your family, you may be looking to change up your Valentine’s Day traditions just a bit. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a brand new dad, check out the ideas below.

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1. Time with buddies

While Valentine's Day is all about you and your partner spending time together, consider giving your partner time with their friends as a gesture of your love. Having a newborn is tough, and a night on the town with friends will help your partner feel rested and rejuvenated.

2. A favorite dinner

Sure, you’ve been eating since your baby arrived but you probably haven’t had time to cook your favorite meals. This Valentine's Day, offer to cook your spouse their favorite meal and serve it when you know your little one will be sleeping to ensure you get the chance to really connect as you eat.

3. Baby’s footprints for the office

While you’re the love of your partner's life, a special someone has probably also stolen their heart recently. If your partner is working and away from your baby during the day, consider crafting them something special or framing a picture of them and the baby for them to keep in their workspace. No doubt they’ll love glancing over as they work as well as showing off their sweet baby to any co-workers that wander by. 

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4. A letter telling him just how much you love him

Having a baby often forces couples to make some major adjustments in their relationship. It also usually means less one-on-one time together, less money for fancy dates or gifts, and more disagreement about just whose turn it is to fold laundry. Let Valentine’s Day be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to write out and share just how much you love and appreciate your spouse.

5. A couples massage

If you’re able to sneak away from baby for a couple of hours, consider booking a couples massage as a Valentine's Day gift for both of you. Not only are you and your partner likely a little bit sore from hauling around an infant seat, you could also probably use the opportunity to reconnect.

What would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the new dad in your life?

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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Brand New Dad

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