5 Unexpected Items to Have on Your Baby Registry

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There are some staple items for a baby registry that even first-time moms would know to ask for, but as a seasoned mom of three, I compiled a list of items that may not have crossed your radar but will sure come in handy in coming months. They may seem like out of left field, but trust me, you'll be glad you have them around.

Swaddle Wraps

I'll start with one that you may have already thought about-swaddle wraps. That's right, swaddle wraps. When I started out as a mom I knew I needed swaddle blankets, otherwise known as receiving blankets, but I had no idea there were wraps out there.

These things were a Godsend with my second son. It seemed the kid had permanent colic. He cried con.stant.ly and barely ever slept more than twenty minutes at a time. I lost count of the number of times I had to leave work early because my mom, who was watching him, couldn't get him to settle down. And this is a sixty-year-old mother of two!

The wraps were the only thing (well, besides putting him in his car seat in the bathroom with the shower on full blast) that remotely calmed him. They are zip up or Velcro “sacks” that make the baby feel snug and secure. Basically what you could do with the blankets like the nurses did, but better because you don't have to figure out how they folded them plus they won't fall off all the time.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers, yes. But I'm not talking about for diapering. I'd rather sell off possessions to afford the luxury of disposable diapers. I spend an inordinate amount of time standing in front of a washer and dryer as is. I can only imagine the man hours involved in a cloth diapering system.

Cloth diapers are great rags. Like, the best. I highly recommend using them as spit up towels instead of bibs. It always seems that no matter how wide a bib I have, my kids find a way to puke on the one spot that wasn't covered by the bib. They are generally always within my arm's reach so it's easy to grab and clean up a stray spill or diaper explosion when the wet wipes are across the room and I'm holding down a squirmy baby who wants to roll off the couch. They're great dusters too. 

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Storage Totes


Storage totes you ask? Definitely storage totes I say. Being pregnant, at least to me, seemed to last an eternity each time. That's why it so amazing that after your baby is born, time passes at an infinity speed. Bring your baby home from the hospital, shut your eyes and he's five months old. Storage totes are going to save you from swimming in a pool of tiny newborn onesies with the tag still on because the baby grew too quick to use all of them. Pack them up and get them out to make room for clothes that actually fit. Even still, the ones that fit will be tote ready within a month anyway most likely. Babies. Grow. Quick.

Disposable Camera

I know. It seems prehistoric, right? 35 mm film and all. We all have good intentions with our kids' pictures. We snap them all time; maybe even daily, but do we ever develop the pictures? Well if you're like me that answer is no. We talk about developing them. We think about developing them. But we never actually develop them. So they sit on our laptops and stare at us until we feel like loser parents who have no concrete pictures of their kids to look at and are screwed if their computer ever crashes.

An Outdoor & Car Trash Can

This is an item that you will use indefinitely. Poopy diapers stink and even though I had a Diaper Genie with my first child, I have come to love a simple little bathroom trash can that sits out in the garage where I can immediately toss the dirties into without them getting the chance to stink up any of my house. Just open the door, toss, and done. It's really easy not to have to buy special sized diaper pail bags or to haul the huge (and heavy) full bag through the house and out to the trash. As for a car trash can/bag, you'll need this too. Keeping a grocery bag strapped around the seat would work but if I had to go back, I would have put one of those nice patterned cloth ones on my registry.

I know that most of the registry items will be cutesy or big ticket items, but these five will make you just as happy once you try them out. And here's a pro mom tip: Most places will mail you discount coupons on any items on your list. After your baby shower, you can go to the store and add any items you want to the list and get the discount off them right then and there at check out! I did this at Target. I even added unrelated items like a cell phone charger to mine and still got the discount on them. Take advantage, sister!

Do you have any unexpected items you included in your baby registry?

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5 Unexpected Items to Have on Your Baby Registry

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