5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Preschooler for Day Camp

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This summer many preschoolers will be heading off to day camp for the very first time. Whether camp will be help at their regular preschool, a church in the community, or somewhere else, they’re sure to have loads of fun. Check out the tips below to ensure you set them up for success for their very first summer camp! 

1. Read the information! 

Most camps will email or send home an information packet with everything you need to know about day camp. These packets usually include information on what to pack, how drop-off and pick-up works, and any special events or theme days they’ll be offering. Don’t be left in the dark or caught unprepared by forgetting to read the information they send home! 

2. Pack an extra set of everything 

Help your preschooler feel successful at camp by sending extra … everything. Two water bottles, a full change of clothes, and an extra pair of shoes will keep them dry and happy in the case of any accidents, or messes. 

3. Plan ahead for drop off challenges 

If your child tends to feel nervous about going new places prepare them for drop-off by talking about camp. You can also visit the camp and, if you have a chance, meet the camp staff in advance. When kids know what to expect they’re often much more comfortable trying new things and going new places. 

4. Check in every day

Be sure to check in with your child every day about how day camp is going. Ask them who they spent time with, what activities they enjoyed, and what the best part of the days was. Checking in regularly can help you gauge how your child is experiencing camp and if there’s anything you can do to help them have an even better experience. 

5. Offer to help! 

Do you have a tough time saying goodbye to your kiddo as you send them to camp? Or are you curious about how they act when they’re in a new environment? Check in with the camp and see if you can volunteer for a day or two. Many day camps need helpers throughout the session and will be more than happy to have your assistance! 

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5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Preschooler for Day Camp

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