Check Out These 5 Tips to Enjoy Camping with Your Baby

Before my husband and I had kids we used to love getting outside and sleeping under the stars. The last several summers, we’ve been sidelined by a huge bump, a tiny baby, or unwieldy toddler. As summer approached, we made plans to tackle our fears and go camping with our little ones. Check out the tips below to help you plan a fantastic adventure camping in nature with your baby!

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Pick a campground with amenities 

Maybe you’re used to backpacking to a remote location, sleeping under the stars and surviving with nothing but that’s in your pack. But it’s probably a good idea to pick a campground with amenities for your first camping trip with a baby. Being near other families will help you feel safe and, with bathrooms, somewhere to swim, and pre-made fire pits, you’ll be able to truly relax instead of worrying about what unknown danger might come your way in the night.  

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Bring the plastic potty anyway 

Even if you’re staying somewhere with restrooms, there’s no guarantee your toddler will be interested in using them. The bathrooms may be a bit of a hike, they may not be powered at night, and – to a just-potty-training-tot – they may feel unfamiliar and scary. Bring along the plastic potty for your little one's comfort, you’ll be glad you did!

Choose somewhere with a beach 

When you went camping in your pre-baby days you probably spent the day hiking, fishing, or adventuring deep into the wild. With little ones though, you may find yourself wanting to stay a bit closer to your campsite. Pick a campground with a beach or swimming area and you’ll have plenty of close-by fun to enjoy.

Beef up your first aid kit 

With proper supervision, your child is no more likely to get hurt while camping than at home. However, you will potentially be further from care if anything does happen. Be sure you’re up-to-date on your first aid skills and have a well-stocked emergency kit, just in case. 

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Plan for safe sleep

Just like at home, safe sleep should be a priority while you’re camping. Make sure that you’ve brought a safe co-sleeper if your baby is young. Bring a safe toddler sleep surface if your little one is older.

Enjoy camping with your little one this summer!


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Check Out These 5 Tips to Enjoy Camping with Your Baby

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