5 Things to Bring Home From the Hospital After Delivery

For many women, the time spent in the hospital after delivering their baby but before coming home is a blur. New moms are often exhausted from delivery and from learning to care for their brand new bundle of joy. Plus, there are often constant check-ins with nurses and a steady flow of visitors eager to meet the baby. When it comes time to pack up and head home, many moms dress their little one in a special outfit, grab with they came with, and leave without thinking about what else they might be able to bring along. 

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The truth is, when you leave the hospital you’re able to take all kinds of things home that might just make your first weeks with baby a little bit easier. Check out the list below for five things you should pack in your bag before you head home from the hospital. 


Most maternity rooms comes stocked with a couple of packs of diapers. The nurses absolutely don’t mind if you take your leftovers home. If a pack of diapers has been opened, it won’t be passed along to another mom and would likely be thrown away if left behind. Now, one or two packs of diapers isn’t likely to make a huge dent in your baby's lifetime diaper bill. But it can prevent you from having to send your partner to the store in the middle of the night when you realize your newborn baby is on their last diaper. 


Wipes, like diapers, are often stocked in each mom’s maternity room. Before you go, grab what’s left. Even if you have boxes and boxes of wipes at home you will, I promise, use every last one you snag from the hospital. 

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A clean baby blanket 

Nothing says “brand new” like a soft flannel hospital blanket. Whether your hospital stocks the classic blue and pink striped blankets or something more original, you’ll want to grab a fresh blanket to snuggle your baby in before you leave the hospital. 

Baby’s keepsakes 

Tucked away in each of my boy’s memory boxes are their first hats, their first combs, and the cardstock printed with their name, birth date, and tiny footprints. These trinkets may seem silly at the time (their combs are the same brand I could pick up at the drugstore any day). But there’s something so special about knowing these items were used on their tiny newborn heads that makes me more than glad I brought them home. 

Personal care items 

Postpartum recovery is no joke. No matter how you delivered, you’re likely to need some help and healing over the next few weeks. Ask the nurses to stock you up on mesh underpants, numbing spray, ice packs, and anything else you’ve found comfort with while in the hospital. 

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Good luck coming home from the hospital, mamas!

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5 Things to Bring Home From the Hospital After Delivery

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