5 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Be Pregnant

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I live in a place where we have four very distinct seasons. Winter is cold as cold can be, with snow so deep that you can't walk without boots. Spring brings warmer air and a lot of rain. Summer is so hot that you don't want to be without air conditioning, and autumn brings cooler, dry weather when it shows up. I have things I love about each season, and there are things I could do without—it's what you get when you live where I do. For the most part, you take each season here as they come, but when you're pregnant, the things you love about the seasons can become annoying, and the things you hate become even more hated.

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Except for springtime. There's no doubt in my mind that being pregnant during this season is just the best. I can't think of much negative to say about it. And while my experience of pregnancy during spring was only during the early first trimester for all of my pregnancies, it was still awesome. If by some luck you're able to plan the season you're going to spend the bulk of your time being pregnant, there are some compelling reasons why spring is the best choice.

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1. Fresh air to help nausea

I had such bad nausea (which turned into worse) during the earlier days of pregnancy, and the springtime allowed me to get more fresh air. The air was the perfect mix of humid and cool without being overly dry or hot, which would have made things worse. If it was winter, the air would have been way too cold to sleep with the window open or to rely on stepping outside when the nausea got too bad.

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2. Easier to exercise

“After being bed ridden with the worst possible morning sickness all winter, being able to get out and about at the first sign of spring has been amazing!! The fresh air and warm sun makes a huge difference!! Being able to get my exercise outside to help alleviate some muscle/growing pains is fantastic!” — Meghan


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3. Perfect temperature

“I totally think that spring is the best. I had both of my girls in early May, and it was the perfect season. Not too hot, not too cold, and I had time to recover before the summer fun started. Plus, we had endless warm weather to soothe crying newborns in the stroller or carrier for walks.” — Chaunie, Tiny Blue Lines

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4. Better scenery

“I have three babies—one born in the dead of winter, one in the middle of summer, and one in mid-spring. Far and away, spring was my favorite. Everything is new and blooming. It's the perfect time to bring home a tiny brand-new baby. The weather is great for long walks in the carriage, [and] it's not so hot that wearing the baby in a carrier is uncomfortable. Adorable little blankets, sweet little bonnets, and hats—I loved my spring baby girl. (Also loved snuggling with my winter baby, and my hot, sweaty summer baby, too.)” — Melissa

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5. Easier-to-find clothing

Dressing for any stage of pregnancy is just more comfortable during the spring. You get the best of both worlds: sweaters and light clothing. You don't have to find tiny shorts and tank tops to fit your growing shape like you'd have to in the heat of summer, and you don't need to worry about finding a big winter coat that will fit your bump. Spring gives you a lot more options for your comfort, your shape, and for fashion, too.

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What do you think the best season to be pregnant is? Share in the comments!

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5 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Be Pregnant

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  1. jean says:

    During each menstrual cycle, women have about 6 days in which they can get pregnant. This is known as the fertile window. A woman’s fertile window includes the five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. These six days are the only days in a woman’s cycle when she can conceivably get pregnant.

  2. Beth says:

    The reasons you listed make me think fall in my area would be the ideal time to be pregnant.

  3. Layne says:

    I feel like I lucked out, my first child I lived in NC for the winter, and moved back to PA for the spring and Summer. My first was born mid August but my mother had a pool so the last month I lived in her pool. This time around fall and winter i spent bundled up and winter lasted so long that it’s still crisp air and I only have four weeks left.

  4. Melissa says:

    I am currently 26 weeks pregnant, due August 4! I live in Arizona! It’s already in the 90s and can get to the low 70s for a day or so if we are lucky!!!! I’d love to be pregnant in spring if early trimester but nope I get the hottest month to get the biggest!!!! Yay for me, NOT! My daughter was born in September but It was 4 years ago and don’t remember it being so horrible so quickly! Now I have 2 kids(4yrs old and 2yrs old) to keep me running around and be pregnant in this heat… The part of Arizona I live in and most of Arizona is you get two seasons:hot and cold… Maybe a month of nice but that’s gone!!!

  5. Christina says:

    I love spring but this year spring is really just the time of year where pollen tries to kill me and the weather cannot make up it’s mind. At 20 weeks I already need to buy a maternity wardrobe (I just can’t fake it anymore) and it is frustrating needing cold and hot weather items. One day it is 90 and few days later it is 52 and raining. I wish the weather would just make up it’s mind so I don’t end up needing two sets of clothing.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m 26 weeks and miserable already. The pollen is killing me as well as the 80 degree heat. Im swelling quick even though I’m drinking tons of water. My first pregnancy was through the fall and my baby was born in February. I must say I would rather be in the first trimester in the spring.

  7. mommy nhoj says:

    Hmmm… I am not sure if pollen will make it good for me though.

  8. Ashley says:

    I loved being pregnant in the Spring! Daughter was born right near first day of Fall. I was just ending and starting a new trimester and it was wonderful to not do much wardrobe change…. and loved the Spring weather. I could go outside and just enjoy the fresh air and my still budding baby belly. Loved it so much that hubby and I have been TTC. Now if I could just have the luck to still enjoy a little bit of early pregnancy when near the end of Spring.

  9. Rebekah says:

    I loved being pregnant in WINTER! I was so warm from my increased body temperature, then having my baby in early spring meant that I didn’t have to worry about bundling her up every time we went to the mailbox. My other three kids were born in late fall and winter. I hated it!


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