5 Quick & Easy DIY Kid Costume Ideas We Love

Images via featured contributors
Images via featured contributors

Halloween is one of those magical holidays where your children get to explore their creative sides or tap into a version of imagination that is empowering, enchanting, or just plain cool.

As adults, that's part of the fun for us as well. It's an excuse to express ourselves, dress up together as a family or wear flamboyant costumes (I still have a 1920's flapper on my costume bucket list!). But – here's the thing – life with small children doesn't always allow for a lot of planning or a big budget. So, what's a busy, budget conscious mom to do? How about DIYing something super clever? 


We've found five quick and relatively easy costumes that you can create at home. Each varies in cost and ease of creation – but all of them are fun and will hopefully inspire you to jump into the playfulness of the holiday.  Some will take you minimal time, while others may take you a trip to the store, but all are easy and can be done before the holiday hits next week. Read on to find some inspiration, because if you are like me, procrastination has been the name of your Halloween game and you need all the help you can get! 

This is Henry as the old man from the movie UP. We are swooning over here! His mom, Lauryn from The Vintage Mom (we love her little place and space, just sayin')  says it is a super easy costume to put together.

Image via TheVintageMom.com
Image via TheVintageMom.com

Last year we did the “Old Man From Up” for my 1 year old son.

For his outfit: A V-neck cardigan sweater with elbow pads (these can easily
be sewn on), khaki pants, and a pair of sunglasses with the lenses popped

My husband made a walker our of PVC pipe and added tennis balls to the
front legs.

We then attached balloons to the walker.

Find Lauryn on Facebook as well as her blog, The Vintage Mom to see more ideas that are as clever as this for Halloween and all the year around. 


Image courtesy of TeaColletion.com
Image courtesy of TeaCollection.com

The folks at Tea Collection (an adorable kids clothing company), put together a Panda costume for one of their photo shoots this fall without realizing that it would be a big favorite with their community. It turns out that this costume was handmade! So, they got to work making a fabulously thorough tutorial because they wanted anyone who was interested to be able to make it for their sweet kids this Halloween and beyond. So, if you want to get crafty in the next week or so leading up to Halloween, this costume would be a big hit and, super cozy now that the days are getting chilly.  You can do it, I believe in you. And, you'll earn major brownie points with the child. 

Check out the Panda Costume Tutorial over at Tea Collection

Images via Flickr/Doug Butchy
Images via Flickr/Doug Butchy

A couple of years ago we were living in Hawaii, and in our neighborhood we would all get together for a little parade and bonfire with our kids and families. Many of us would dress up, and I remember one family that came as jellyfish. They all wore white and carried their own clear umbrellas with bubble wrap strips hanging down. It was SO clever. Then, I came across the above version of the jellyfish costume, adding in the adorable scuba diver. Color me smitten with the little tiny scuba diver. 

 You could take the lead from our Hawaii friends and go the umbrella route, or go with the above example for your jellyfish costume.  Use a solid color set of leggings and long-sleeve top for the base. Create a pillowy-elasticized top that fits over a regular hat and pin flowing ribbons to create the tentacles.

For the scuba diver, dress your child in all black as your base for the costume and spray paint a couple of two-liter bottles silver for the air tanks. Connect the ‘air tanks' with tubing and strap them on with velcro. Add goggles and your little scuba swimmer is all set! 

While there wasn't a tutorial linked to the photos above, a little of trial and error would result in success with this version of the jellyfish.


There are many sites that offer kits and creative options for your kids to DIY their own costumes. Our Blog Editor Sara tried out Kiwi Crates kits and her kids had a ball making their own Super Hero and Fairy dress up ensembles. This would be a great way to connect your child to what they're wearing for the Halloween festivities. 

Check out Kiwi Crate's Recycled Jet Pack Costume – super fun and fantastic DIY for your kids to make on their own.  


Image via Flickr/marie_claire_camp
Image via Flickr/marie_claire_camp

Have you ever seen a more adorable astronaut? This costume is simple and can be put together with a couple of cereal boxes, some foil to wrap them up to look like an astronaut's pack, and your toddlers warmest fleece for the suit. Pick up a couple of American flags from the store to make it more authentic and you're good to go!

Are you a Halloween DIY-er? What's your favorite DIY costume to-date? 


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5 Quick & Easy DIY Kid Costume Ideas We Love

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