$5 Magazine Deals from Amazon: Great for Gifts!

$5 Magazine Deals from Amazon: Great for Gifts! Picture

Amazon must know my addiction. It’s not a drug, and while I love my two cups of hot java each morning, it’s not caffeine, either. Shoes are pretty, but I don’t need more than a few pairs, and I can do without knick knacks that collect dust.

Magazines, though? Well, that’s another story.

I buy items at Books a Million to take advantage of free magazines every so often. (Love my People; don’t like its subscription price!) And my mailbox fills up on a regular basis with a variety of reads: Lucky, Rachael Ray, Food Network, Writer’s Digest. Yes, I use them for research, but I also enjoy sneaking a few minutes each day to curl up with a magazine, look at the newest make-up hues, learn a few tips on budgeting, and figure out when to use ‘which’ and when to use ‘that’ in a sentence.

Amazon is currently running a great offer: $5 for a subscription to a variety of magazines. These aren’t shabby titles, either, and include Fitness (one year); Better Homes and Gardens (one year); Parents (one year); and Elle (6 months). Cooking Light, a great magazine for those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, is $5 for three months and $18 for a year. A little higher in cost, but still lower than you would pay in the store.

A magazine subscription makes a great gift, and since the deal is so good you can use the subscription to create a themed gift. For instance, if you have a chef in the family (or at least a chef to be!), purchase an issue of a cooking magazine; place it inside a nice basket or set of kitchen bowls; and add a few additional items the gift-getter can use to make the recipes in the magazine: teaspoons, measuring cups, special oils. Someone who enjoys make-up? Along with the magazine, include a few shades of new nail polish, eye shadow and a set of brushes. Explain a subscription is coming his or her way for a certain period of time.

Before ordering any of these deals, check the details. Some of the magazines listed are $5 but not for an entire year, such as with Cooking Light. Also, the subscription will be placed on auto renewal, so make a note to call and cancel before its time to renew. You can do this easily through Amazon’s Subscription Manager.

Check out the titles here.

What magazines do you buy regularly or recommend for others?

What do you think?

$5 Magazine Deals from Amazon: Great for Gifts!

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