5 Fun Easter Desserts To Make With The Kids

If you can believe it, my husband's birthday happens to fall on Easter this year. So needless to say, Easter dessert is going to be of utmost importance in our house next weekend. 

And luckily for me, I love Easter and I love dessert, so it's not a chore to dig up these delicious Easter desserts that are totally kid-friendly to make. Well, mostly. 

Cadbury Mini Egg Cake


My husband loves Cadbury mini eggs. Like really, really loves them. The man requests only two things for Easter every year: a bag of Cadbury mini eggs and a bag of jelly beans (Starburst only). So this year, I am combining his love of the chalky chocolate eggs in his birthday cake. I love how simple yet elegant this cake is and although it looks impressive, it's actually pretty simple to make. A little drizzle of candy coating, throw on some eggs, and done. 

Recipe from Sainsbury Magazine

Cadbury Mini Egg Cupcakes

Image via Garnish & Glaze

It's official: Cadbury mini eggs make everything better. Just like these cupcakes, from Garnish and Glaze. I love how simple they are, which means they would totally be manageable for little hands to “help” too. For extra Easter flair, serve in a clean egg carton for a fun presentation. 

Recipe from Garnish and Glaze

Blooming Basket Cookie Kit

Image via Food Stirs

I have to admit that I'm the kind of mom who loves making desserts with her kids. I don't do a lot of “mom” things well, like um, cooking or playing Barbies or Legos, but I do love baking. That being said, it's sometimes maddening to try to make desserts with your kids that actually 1) taste good and 2) look good especially when it's for a holiday. 

That's why I love the concept behind Food Stirs dessert kits, because they send everything you need, icing, decorations, and the cookies, to your door, so you get the fun of making a holiday-themed dessert without the stress. This kit, for example, gives you all the goodies to make some adorable Easter “basket” cookies that will look great on your holiday table — and give you the memories made while creating them with your kids. Win-win. 

Food Stirs, $19.99

Easter Bouquet

Image via Food Stirs

If you're looking for a fresh bouquet to brighten up your Easter table, why not try this adorable cookie version? I feel like spring is in the air just looking at these brightly-colored flowers that bonus: I can also eat. This dessert also comes from Food Stir, so just order and let the kids decorate!

Food Stirs, $19.99

Peep Fruit Kabobs

I do not like Peeps, but I do like how they give this dessert option a fun Easter “look.” They brighten up a healthy fruit kabob in a way that the kids will absolutely love to make — and eat!

Recipe from Amee's Savory Dish

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5 Fun Easter Desserts To Make With The Kids

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