These 5 Foods Can Help When You Want to Make More Milk


Most breastfeeding moms have two things on their mind: Feeding their baby and then feeding themselves. While producing the right amount of milk – or trying to make more milk – can feel challenging, nursing itself has the power to make moms feel hungry almost all the time. Exclusively breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day and ensures that the baby has everything they need to grow up healthy and happy. It also often leave the mom super-duper hungry.

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As a nursing mom, it’s important to make sure you’re replacing the 500 calories your body uses producing milk with healthy, filling foods. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the foods you chose had the power to help you create even more milk for your baby? If you choose wisely and consume lactogenic foods, that’s exactly what will happen. Lactogenic foods are foods that help your body produce more milk and, surprisingly, many of them are things you might already like to eat. Check out the list below for ideas of how to sneak healthy and delicious milk-making foods into your kitchen!

Oatmeal While you can certainly get your fill of oatmeal with a warm bowl in the morning, you can also bake it into delicious cookies you can snack on throughout the day. Oatmeal is a staple in many lactation cookie recipes because it’s as good at helping moms produce milk as it is delicious.

Whole Grains Many moms consume foods with whole grains regularly. If you’re more inclined to choose white enriched flour or white bread, consider making a swap to boost your supply. Choosing whole grain breads and flour, as well as brown rice, is better for you and for baby!

Barley Lots of moms swear that drinking a glass of dark beer helps their milk production and, while they may see a boost in their output, it’s likely from the barley in the beer rather than the alcohol. To incorporate barley into your diet sans alcohol, consider adding it by baking bread with barley or adding it to any soups, stews, or other hot dishes you make.

Nuts While most nuts are high in good-quality fats and calories, some also have the power to help boost your supply. Consider grabbing a handful of cashews or almonds and snacking as you nurse your babe!

Water While water isn’t technically a food, consuming it can help boost your supply. Nursing moms are frequently thirsty and many find that just adding a few extra glasses of water to their diet can help ease their worry that baby might not be getting enough to eat.


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These 5 Foods Can Help When You Want to Make More Milk

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