5 Fantastic Maternity Clothes Shopping Tips

Sometime in your third or fourth month of pregnancy (sometimes sooner!), you’ll probably find that your jeans no longer button and your tops are getting tighter and tighter. Buying your first round of maternity clothes can bring on all sorts of feelings – excitement about the baby growing inside you and your impending parenthood, a little bit of anxiety about your changing body, and some nerves around how you’ll manage all the changes coming your way. As you shop the racks do your best to relax, enjoy the experience, and find some outfits that make you feel good about your growing bump. Check out the tips below to make sure you get the most of your maternity clothes shopping experience!

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1. Bring a friend

If you’re feeling a little nervous about how your body is changing or aren’t sure quite what you’re looking for, ask a friend or trusted loved on to tag along. Having someone you like along for the shopping trip can make the experience fun and, having honest opinions of the looks you try on can help you pick items you’ll love in the coming months.

2. Go for the basics

While beautiful dresses and printed leggings are more than fun, be sure to spend the bulk of your budget on basics that you can dress up with accessories that keep them fresh. As your body changes, you’re going to have to acquire a full new wardrobe. It’ll be much easier to do so if you’ve planned for it from the beginning and begin acquiring pieces that will go the distance. 

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3. Think layering

Most women will wear maternity clothes over the course of at least two seasons. Instead of buying bulky sweaters that will be way too hot come spring, invest in lighter short and long sleeved tops and a few cardigans or over shirts that will go the distance.

4. Don’t go overboard

If you love to shop and are in awe of your growing bump, you may be tempted to go all out during your first shopping trip. Try to be conservative as you shop though because, more than likely, as your belly expands, you’ll be headed back to the maternity store again and again. Grab a few great pieces now and save your cash for a few trips down the road as well.

5. Just buy the bigger size

As you shop, there may be a time you try on the same piece in two different sizes and wonder whether you should get the smaller or larger size. While the smaller size may be more flattering right now, you should really, really get the bigger size. In a month or two, it’ll fit snugly and you’ll be glad you chose the bigger size. 

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Enjoy shopping, mamas!

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5 Fantastic Maternity Clothes Shopping Tips

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