5 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Baby’s Going Home Outfit

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As parents prepare for their little one's birth, most put a lot of thought into the “going home” outfit their baby will wear when the family leaves the hospital. Whether you’ve chosen a simple, classic sleeper or a more elaborate celebratory outfit, it’s a very special garment that you’ll likely feel sentimental about. Babies grow quickly, so within weeks the outfit likely won’t fit anymore and you’ll want to find a way to preserve it (and the special memories that go along with it) forever. Check out the ideas below for hanging on to those first-outfit memories.

1. Make a going-home shadow box 

In the first days of their life, your baby will acquire a few items that you’ll likely want to hold on to, including their first outfit, comb, hat, and hospital bracelet. Instead of saving these items separately, tack them into a shadowbox along with your baby’s birth announcement and a picture or two and hang it in the nursery. As your baby grows you’ll be amazed that they were ever so small!

2. Sew a piece of it into a quilt

If you’re crafty, consider sewing a piece of your little one's first outfit into a keepsake quilt. If you’re no so crafty but still love the idea, there are a number of custom quilters on Etsy who will happily complete the craft for you. In the years to come, as your little one's snuggles under their quilt, they’ll feel special knowing what it contains. 

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3. Save it for future siblings

If you pick an outfit that you like the first time around, consider saving and reusing it for any future siblings. The side-by-side pictures will be both adorable and meaningful!

4. Take your month-to-month pictures in it

If you choose an outfit in a size larger than newborn (say 6-9 months) they’ll probably be swimming in it in their newborn picture and busting out of it by the time they reach 12 months. Keeping them in the same outfit for these monthly pictures allows you to see just how much they’ve grown each month! 

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5. Tuck it away in a special memory box

Some parents are sentimental but not particularly crafty or artistic. If this is you, don’t feel bad about simply tucking the outfit in a special box and pulling it out from time to time when you’re feeling nostalgic about your little one’s growth.

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5 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Baby’s Going Home Outfit

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