5 Celebrity Dads I’d Like to Hang With

Without looking at the byline, I can usually tell that most celebrity dad stories are written by women. The writers gush because some good-looking, Hollywood star now has kids, and he’s doing dad things: snuggling babies, changing diapers, or going shopping. So they ooh and ahh and swoon and melt over something neat a celebrity has done, tweeted, or said, which is all very nice.

But for once I’d like to see a guy talk about celebrity dads. If it’s got to be, it’s up to me.

celebrity dads
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All of the admiration is certainly warranted because I too find celebrity dads very special, but for a variety of different reasons.

Most obvious to me is that they’re being watched all the time. Every move they make in the public with their kids is open to scrutiny, so they often have to be on their game. They can’t be seen flying off the handle with their children and giving them dirty looks. The pure irony in all this is how their behavior is being watched as much as they are watching their own kids.

It’s also interesting how these dads want to be breadwinners, but they also want to be present for their kids, too. I once lived near actor Jeff Daniels, who I also saw as a regular, everyday dad watching his kids play hockey. He didn’t want to miss a thing, but he also managed to pull off the movie star gig. Hollywood dads of generations ago didn’t do this, which makes today’s stars all the more likeable.

You also see a lot of these dads taking their kids to big games and sitting in the stands. They’re not stuck in some luxury suite entertaining clients, they’re often very visible and just being present for their children. Seeing these dads enjoy their kids and sports at the same time is also very cool.

All of this makes certain celebrity dads seem very ordinary, like the kind of people I could hang with on a regular basis. So listen up stars and celebrities, here’s a few I’m inviting to a dad-child playdate – your place or mine. But you may want to bring your limo; we can’t all fit into my crossover.

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Ryan Reynolds – This dad is hilarious, and not just because of Deadpool. It’s his tweets, which often make perfect parenting sense. Though still a fairly new dad, he seems to have it all down already. And let’s face it, the Deadpool sequel cannot come fast enough. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing plenty of Reynolds in the years to come.

Ben Affleck – Ben’s had a rough time recently, but you have to dig the dedication to his kids. Even while tabloids blew up his personal life, it wasn’t uncommon to see him taking his young children out and about. I saw Affleck host SNL in person once, and he was cool, calm, and smooth even when the cameras weren’t rolling. I’d expect nothing less from the Dad Kni…, I mean Dark Knight.

Dwayne Johnson – There is nothing this man can’t do – football, wrestling, bodybuilding, modeling, acting, singing … and maybe even president? There’s also a lot to like about his dad abilities, as he occasionally posts some downright loveable daddy-daughter stuff on Instagram. He’s a “rock” solid dad if there ever was one.


David Beckham – It’s not easy to pull off being an international soccer star, renowned model, brand spokesperson, and overall global icon. But Beckham does all that while he and his wife raise oodles of kids. He made his Manchester United debut over 25 years ago, and even at age 42 his mega-cool style never seems to wane.

Ryan Gosling – A little flick named “La La Land” certainly didn’t hurt the prowess of this already A-lister, and women haven’t stopped staring since. If you’re a guy who hasn’t seen much of Gosling because his past movies weren’t your cup of tea, you’ll get to appreciate plenty more in the future. His dad prowess is well-documented, including when he was asked about being outnumbered by girls in his house and responded, “It’s heaven. It’s like walking through a field of flowers every day. I live with angels.”

Who are some of your favorite celebrity dads?

What do you think?

5 Celebrity Dads I’d Like to Hang With

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