4 Tips for a Perfect Preschool Picture Day

Most parents love displaying their tot’s school pictures. Whether they sit on the mantle at home or on their desk at the office, the sight of their little one's smile warms their heart. When you have a little one whose shy around new people (like photographers) or one who can’t keep their T-shirt clean for more than a few minutes, picture day might make you feel a little anxious. Check out the tips below for a perfect preschool picture day!

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1. Dress them in something simple

Instead of a fancy dress or suit that can easily wrinkle or lose its shape, choose a simple but tidy outfit that your little one enjoys wearing. Overalls, a play dress and leggings, or a simple, single colored T-shirt and cargo pants make for fantastic picture-day worthy outfits.

2. Prep them for the process

Many little ones get nervous when they’re confronted with new or unfamiliar situations. During picture day, your little one will probably have to sit in a specific spot, under lights and props, and smile for someone they’ve never met. Your little one will likely feel much more comfortable with the process if you talk them through what’s going to happen. Start telling them about the process a few days before picture day and, if you’re able, show them the set up yourself on the morning of picture day.

3. Help them practice their smile

Tell your tot that they have a big job on picture day- to smile! Help them practice their grin in the mirror as you brush their teeth or get ready in the morning and, when they head off to school on picture day, let them know you can’t wait to see their grin in the pictures.

4. Ask their teacher to give them a second look

Before they headed off to school, you probably brushed their hair just-so and patted down the front of their outfit perfectly. As soon as they get into the classroom, though, many little ones start having fun and getting messy. If your child will have their picture taken later in the day, ask their teacher to give them a second glance and to do their best to help them be presentable for the camera. 

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Enjoy the school pictures as they come in!

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4 Tips for a Perfect Preschool Picture Day

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