4 Tips to Beat Pregnancy Heartburn

Pregnant women are used to being uncomfortable. Bloating and morning sickness during the first trimester, swelling and round ligament pain during the second trimester, and Braxton Hicks contractions during the third trimester are all common complaints. One painful symptom that often spans each trimester and plagues women from the start of pregnancy through the end is heartburn. Pregnancy heartburn often begins to increase during the first trimester and peaks in its frequency and intensity during the end of pregnancy. Not only do pregnancy hormones relax the esophagus and allow stomach acid to creep painfully upward but, as the uterus pushes upward, the stomach is crowded and heartburn increases. If pregnancy heartburn has you clutching your chest, check out the tips below for some relief.

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1. Watch what you eat

While it seems obvious, many women find that eliminating a few key foods from their diet drastically reduces the intensity or frequency of their heartburn. Spicy foods, chocolate, soda, coffee, and citrus are often top heartburn culprits, but each woman is different. Pay attention to which meals your heartburn follows and try cutting those foods out of your diet. 

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2. Sleep at an incline

If nighttime heartburn is keeping you awake, try grabbing a few extra pillows and propping yourself at an upward angle instead of lying flat on your back or side. If pillows don’t give you quite enough lift, give sleeping in a recliner chair a try.

3. Try a natural remedy

When Tums aren’t cutting it, try using a natural remedy that's safe for you and baby and proven to help with heartburn. During my last pregnancy, Maty’s All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief was the only product that allowed me enough relief to sleep through the night. Knowing it was all-natural and safe for my baby and I offered peace of mind, and the time-tested ingredients counteracted the acid that makes heartburn so uncomfortable leaving me comfortable and rested in the morning!

4. Reach out to your doctor

If at home solutions aren’t working and you’re worried about your health, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor. Depending on how severe your heartburn is or how much it’s impacting your life, they may recommend trying out a prescription medication aimed at helping you get some relief. 

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4 Tips to Beat Pregnancy Heartburn

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