4 Thanksgiving Crafts to Make With Your Little One

There's something about Thanksgiving that always gives me the urge to craft. Maybe it's the colder weather coming or the cozy promise of pie or the fact that our forefathers and mothers had to work so hard for that first Thanksgiving meal, while I just show up at my mom's house and eat a meal that she cooked for me (don't worry — I bring dessert!), but I always want to make something special with my kids to commemorate everyone's favorite food holiday. 

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If you're like me and get the urge to craft just once a year, here a few fun Thanksgiving craft ideas to do with your little one.

Footprint Turkey

Image via My Life of Travels and Adventures

I love this craft idea because it involves two of my favorite things — baby feet and turkeys. Even older kids would get a kick (ha, you like that pun?) from doing this project!

Sparkling Leaf Garland

Image via House of Jade

Um, these are gorgeous. And while I fully admit that this baby “craft” might definitely turn into a “Mama only” craft, I still had to include it. There is no shame in stealing a craft project from a baby and if you have some mama friends who want to join in on this project and bring the wine, I say more power to you. You can get the full DIY instructions here to create this decoration for your fall table. 

Thanksgiving Placemats

Ahhhh, now we are back to my style of crafts: easy print-and-go. I love these because they are so versatile. 1) they can be used for any baby big enough to want to scribble on some paper and big kids who will need to be entertained while the turkey finishes cooking and 2) they are an instant table decoration. What more could you ask for? Print them for free here

Candy Cornucopia 

Image via Daily DIY Life

We have to end things with a sweet finish, so it only makes sense to do a craft that is both fun and delicious to eat, right? I love projects that pull double duty and if it keeps my little one occupied and lets me contribute a dessert for Thanksgiving dinner, it's a good day. 


This DIY is fun and festive, but still easy enough to pull off if you have little helpers or just little hands that keep eating all of your candy. 

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving with kids? 

What do you think?

4 Thanksgiving Crafts to Make With Your Little One

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