4 Pregnancy Podcasts You Should Totally Listen To

Are you pregnant and looking for a fun way to connect with other mamas? Maybe you want to listen to some amazing birth stories or just get general advice on pregnancy? You may want to check out some pregnancy podcasts.

I'm obsessed with podcasts, mostly because my life is spent at home trailing little people and cleaning up poop (#reallife, sorry!). So sometimes it's nice to turn on a podcast where I can hear someone's voice to help me get through the day. Is that depressing to admit? I certainly hope not. I mean, the radio was the original podcast, right? Hopefully, I'm not too crazy!

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Anyways, the point is, pregnancy is a time in our lives when we may need a little more support. There are so many questions that come up during pregnancy and every pregnancy is so different that it can be hard to even know where to start. I recommend tuning into one of these pregnancy podcasts if you need some pointers. And hey, maybe one of these four pregnancy podcasts will get you through those long waits at the doctor's office, too.

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The Birth Hour

The Birth Hour is a podcast that has it all!  It touches on the hard topics of motherhood, from miscarriage and loss to the triumphant joys of birth and having a baby. It also has wonderful educational stories. If you're looking for a catch-all podcast that will keep you entertained all through pregnancy and beyond (hello late night feeding sessions!), this is the one for you. Visit the Birth Hour website for a blog, full episodes, and to subscribe the podcast. 

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The Pregnancy Podcast

Well, I suppose you can't get much more clear than a podcast called “The Pregnancy Podcast,” can you? This podcast focuses on educating you on everything you need to know through each trimester. And it isn't afraid to tackle some of the hard questions, such as what vaccines you'll need and which ones you can skip. Listen, download, or subscribe at The Pregnancy Podcast. 

The Mom Hour

If you're in search of parenting podcasts rather than pregnancy podcasts, check out The Mom Hour. It's the perfect mix of light and serious parenting topics. I turn it on all the time around the house, while I'm prepping dinner or folding laundry. There is awesome banter between hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, who have a combined total of eight kids between them. They talk about everything from pregnancy to work to managing money and it's a great prep for motherhood. Tune in at Life, Listened.  

The Fear Free Childbirth Podcast

If you're looking for some resources and support to prepare for giving birth without fear, this is the podcast for you. The hosts share birth stories from listeners and answer tough questions, such as how to overcome the common fears women have during pregnancy, labor, and birth. And I know from personal experience that the fear of labor can really impact how your birth progresses. This is a great resource for any mama-to-be. Find this podcast on iTunes

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Do you listen to pregnancy podcasts? 

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4 Pregnancy Podcasts You Should Totally Listen To

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