Happy Holidays: 4 Joyful Traditions to Start This Year!

The holiday season often inspires people to think deeply about all that they are grateful for. Whether is a wonderful family, a safe home, or a job that allows you to provide for your children, chances are you have a lot to be grateful for. If you’re looking for ways to share your fortune this holiday season, consider creating some joyful traditions your kiddos will love!

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Bake cookies for the neighbors

Whether it’s your neighbors in the unit next door or the elderly residents of a care facility down the road that you choose to deliver cookies to, they’re sure to appreciate the home-baked goodies coming their way. Spend an afternoon mixing and baking with your little one. Then, allow your kiddo to play Santa as they deliver treats to those around you.

Improve your neighborhood

No matter where you live, there are likely things that can be done to help it feel like a cleaner, safer, and more joyful place. Talk with your kids about what they’d like to see in the community and then spend an afternoon taking action. Even something as simple as picking up litter at the local park can make a joyful difference in the community! 

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Do a favor for someone new

This holiday season spread joy by doing a favor for someone in your community that you don’t know well. Consider knocking on the door of the elderly neighbor you wave at on the way home and see if she needs you to pick anything up the next time you’re at the store. Or leave a box of gently used hand-me-downs on the doorstep of the young mom down the street.

Send holiday notes to loved ones

Sending holiday cards doesn’t have to mean getting family pictures take and ordering fancy cards. You loved ones will likely find just as much joy from receiving a handmade card from your little one or a lovely note from you. Take a few minutes to think about the people that are important to you. Then write them a note telling them why! 

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Happy and joyful holidays to all!

Do you have any cherished joyful traditions? Share in the comments!

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Happy Holidays: 4 Joyful Traditions to Start This Year!

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