4 Ideas for Keeping Your Little One Occupied While You Wait

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No one likes waiting, whether you’re waiting for your appointment at the doctor’s office, in line at the DMV, or for your oil to be changed at the auto shop, sometimes it is unavoidable. Sometimes bringing your little ones along as you complete these chores is also unavoidable. When you find yourself with a bored baby or toddler who seems to be getting closer and closer to a tantrum, try these ideas to keep them happy and occupied as you wait.

1. Give them your full attention

While you’re probably feeling bored too, playing on your phone while asking your little one to occupy themselves isn’t the answer. Often, toddler fussiness can be alleviated by simply giving your little one your full attention. Make silly faces, sing silly songs, or tell a story you know they like. You’ll probably see them begin to calm down and focus on you instead of their boredom.

2. Get moving or get outside 

If you know it’s going to be a little while, don’t feel confined to the waiting room chairs. Get outside, take a little walk, and come back in when your toddler has had the opportunity to work off some of that energy. 

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3. Request a pen and paper

Most businesses and offices have pens and paper on hand and would probably prefer to let you borrow some than to have a fussy tot in their waiting area. Grab a pen and paper and let your little on scribble away or trace their hands and ask them to color them in.

4. Hand over your keys or wallet 

Depending on your little one’s age they’ll likely enjoy either jangling your keys or pulling the various cards and receipts out of your wallet. Though it can get a little messy (and will probably take some time to put back together later on) it’s much better than handling a toddler tantrum! 

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How do you keep your little one occupied while you wait?

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4 Ideas for Keeping Your Little One Occupied While You Wait

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