4 At-Home Date Ideas for Brand New Parents

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Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is both one of the most wonderful and one of the most challenging events in any couple's relationship. Between the moments of intense sweetness, like first family cuddles and baby’s first bath, there are often moments of intense stress, such as a baby that won’t stop crying at 3:00 am or an argument over the toppling tower of dirty bottles in the sink. When you’re feeling like you need to reconnect with your partner but you aren’t able to get out of the house (you do have a newborn after all!) try out one of the at-home date ideas below to reenergize your bond!

1. A board game night

Board games are the perfect activity for new parents. Not only does this screen-free activity let you focus on one another, but the stop-and-start nature of most board games means that you can check on a snoozing baby or take a break to nurse if you need to. This Friday night, dust off your favorite game and let some friendly competition take your mind of any baby-related stresses.

2. Teach-me-something night

Does your partner build fantastic models? Do you know how to coupon like crazy? This weekend you and your partner should each take the opportunity to choose something you’re good at and teach the other the ropes. Not only will teaching and learning from one another help you each develop new skills, it will also help you continue to develop the communication skills that are vital in every partnership. 

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3. Dinner for two

A quiet dinner is the most classic of date ideas for a reason. While you and your partner have probably been sharing meals since baby’s arrival, they’ve likely consisted of a lot of take-out and a lot of passing the baby back and forth. Tonight, instead of rushing to fill your bellies, choose to cook a favorite meal and really focus on one another as you talk and eat. While it may be tough to get your mind off your little one, do your best to talk about your life beyond your baby!

4. Hold a Bob Ross inspired painting night

Painting parties, typically held at a studio and taught by a painting instructor, are quickly gaining popularity for girls’ nights and date nights alike. Instead of trying to find a sitter and spending the whole evening wondering if your little one is doing alright, pick up some supplies and hold painting date-night right in your own living room. Netflix now features classic Bob Ross episodes. Turn one on and paint some happy little trees with your honey! Enjoy your date night! 

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Do you have any fun at-home date ideas? Share them in the comments!

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4 At-Home Date Ideas for Brand New Parents

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