4 Budget-Friendly Ideas for the Perfect Babymoon

budget friendly ideas for the perfect baby moon
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Late third-trimester blues got ya down? For many women, the last leg of pregnancy is long and uncomfortable—like hitting a wall during a marathon. When you’re facing the last 10 or so weeks of pregnancy, a break from the day-to-day grind is a welcome distraction. Enter the babymoon. 

Babymoons are short vacations taken before the birth of your child. The idea is to rest, relax, and enjoy time with your partner before your life changes—for the better, of course! Although a babymoon could be a trip anywhere, a luxe vacation to a tropical island probably isn’t in the budget for the average couple, and for women in late-pregnancy, traveling far from home should be avoided.

For my babymoon, I’m planning a short weekend trip to the beach. As a Florida resident, that’s totally a doable trip. St. Augustine is about an hour from my home, and it has great food, a clean, uncrowded beach, and lots of shopping and entertainment. This old city holds a special place in both my heart and my husband's heart—we got engaged there eight years ago. A trip like this is ideal because it is a short distance from home and won’t break the bank.

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A babymoon doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Check out some of these budget-friendly ideas for an affordable and fun babymoon for you and your partner.

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A spa vacation can give lots of pampering and can help you manage your stress. Plus, the quiet peacefulness of the spa atmosphere can be very romantic! If you live in a larger city, you may be able to find a hotel with a luxury spa that offers special packages. It may also benefit you to check out daily deal sites, which often offer limited-time discounts at local spas.

In smaller cities, check local spas with full amenities and treat yourself (and your partner) to long massages, yoga classes, facials, and more. Even a day of pampering can be a great break from routine. Local travel agents can help you find a great spa, or ask friends in local cities about their favorite spa locations.


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Me personally? Not so much a fan of the great outdoors, but for a babymoon that will get you back in touch with nature, camping can be a great alternative to the traditional hotel. Camping helps you get away from distractions like your computer, cell phone, and TV, and it gives you a chance to have some one-on-one time with your partner before you become a family of three (or four, or more!). Camping is also a very budget-friendly vacation. You can even rent some of your equipment. (Check the REI website for a location near you.)

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Take advantage of everything a big city has to offer with a babymoon to a big city that’s within driving distance of your home. Take in a play, do some shopping, or just see the sights of a new place. Just beware of wearing yourself out during your last few weeks of pregnancy. Don’t discount smaller cities, either. One of my favorite cities is Savannah, Georgia, which is about four hours from my home. My husband and I go regularly. We love walking the city streets and learning historical facts about the area. Do your research. Start with the National Register of Historic Places for some ideas, and look for great package deals in a city close to you.

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Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast has it all. You can be pampered with luxurious accommodations and treated with delicious food without leaving your hotel! There is something about a B&B that just screams romance, and it can be a great place to reconnect with your partner. Many B&Bs were privately owned residences at one time and have fewer than 10 rooms, so you won’t have to worry about being disturbed during your stay. Start your search with your local travel agent or visit BedandBreakfast.com to search for locations and great deals. 

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Any other ideas for the perfect babymoon on a budget?


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4 Budget-Friendly Ideas for the Perfect Babymoon

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  1. mommy nhoj says:

    We never had the chance to do this babymoon. I was kinda stressed when the doctor announced one fine Monday morning that I will be scheduled for CS operation next Monday. As I was expecting that I will be pn maternity leave by end of April or early May, I still have tons of to-do at work when the announcement came. Morning day of my admission, I was still doing some emails and few last minute errands then. Only when we reached the hospital I felt the excitement that we will see our baby soon. So, thanks for this article. I know what to do next time 🙂


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