30 Fun Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

No matter the age of your child or children, having fun together in the summer something to look forward to. Some people love to plan out their summers, and others prefer to be spontaneous. No matter your style, here are 30 fun things to add to your summer bucket list.

summer bucket list
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Check out all the museums in your area

Visit the botanical gardens

Go on an easy hike or walk along a trail

Take a ride on a train or trolley

Bury a time capsule

Go boating

Play at a splash parks

Go on a picnic

Dance in the rain

Make a flower necklace

Press flowers to save for later

Roast marshmallows

Play hopscotch

Bake goodies and deliver to neighbors

Splash in a creek

Make mud pies

Grow a vegetable garden and eat something you grew

Go on a pony ride

Visit a petting zoo or local farm

Tour a fire station

Have ice cream for dinner

Attend an outdoor music concert

Make a fairy garden

Go berry picking

Find a wild animal sanctuary and see new animals up close

Create a sidewalk mural

Go on a bug hunt and see how many bugs you can find

Read books under a tree

Run through sprinklers

Try to catch your shadow (a fun twist on Tag!)

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What's on your summer bucket list? Share in the comments!

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30 Fun Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

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