3 Strategies for Sticking to Your Weight Loss Resolution

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It's three weeks into the new year. How are you doing on your weight-loss resolutions? If you're like most of us, you were doing great until school got back in session, the polar vortex struck the U.S., and life just started to all happen at once! That's OK! It's not too late to jump back on the resolution bandwagon!

As a busy mom of three, I know how crazy schedules can be! I am still holding on to some baby weight from number three, and if I'm really being honest, from number two, as well. My workout routine has been struggling with consistency lately, and I was really looking for something to motivate me and give me the kick in the behind that I needed, so I went out in search of some options —something that would work for me. I'm not a twenty-something male with lots of extra time on my hands that can choose the gym over the bar. I'm a busy mom who's trying to define the lines between work time and mommy time, whose husband works way too much, and whose workout is sometimes just carrying a 24-pound weight (OK, toddler) around on my hip as I vacuum, fold laundry, and make dinner. I needed to find something that would fit in with all of that! Here are three great options to help even us crazy-busy mommas get our resolutions on track:

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1. LiveFit Challenge Groups

These online groups provide  support, stress accountability, and are highly motivational! Through a small private Facebook group, successful coaches guide you through a fitness program that is selected based on your goals that you will complete from the comfort of your home on the schedule that works best for you. You check in with your group daily (whatever time works for you) and complete a quick assignment that is focused on getting you results. The group will help you set goals, overcome hurdles, and focus on your strengths and your needs, all while getting to know one another in the group. There is even 24/7 support available if you have questions. While this is definitely an investment, the support, structure, and motivation seem foolproof. You can learn more about these groups here.

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2. Smart Phone Apps

It really took me some looking at what some of these apps offered before I would be convinced that they could really be helpful to a busy mom. I just always thought it was too easy to ignore your phone! But in all seriousness, technology is pretty amazing. If you really fear you're going to ignore your phone, set some alarms for yourself. After the third alarm, chances are you'll either get so sick of the alarms that you'll throw your phone so far that it will be exercise in and of itself to go grab it and make the trek to your phone carrier to have it fixed, or you'll actually open the app! Some great ones I've found are:

All you do is input your information, and the app tailors your workout accordingly! Couch to 5K can even be kicked into high gear for those of you who already feel 5K ready. While tracking your runs inside on a treadmill is easy, RunKeeper will use GPS technology to keep track of your distance wherever you choose to run!

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3. Another Mother

The thing that has worked the best for me this year has been that my girlfriend and I have been working out together while our sons are in preschool. We made an appointment together with a trainer and made goals together. When I want to quit, she tells me to keep going and that I can make it. I'd say I do the same for her, but I'm usually the baby! If I'm on the treadmill by myself and I start getting a little tired, I quit. When I'm working out with someone else, and we've set a goal together, it's a lot more difficult to let her down. It's helpful that she has a little girl that can play in the childcare with my daughter, and I know if I don't show up at the gym, I have to be accountable to someone other than my pants' zipper! So try and find a friend you can work out with who has similar goals and will keep you accountable!

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Have you tried any of fitness apps? Which do you love/hate? Do you think of your gym membership/fitness-group membership as a type of health insurance? Worth the investment?

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3 Strategies for Sticking to Your Weight Loss Resolution

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  1. Miranda says:

    I would be on my way to my weight loss plan except I am pregnant and already losing/having lost weight so I’m not exactly trying to lose weight. Instead I am trying to gain the least amount of weight and remain healthy while doing so.

  2. Lynette says:

    I need to get on with this it’s really a good thing


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