3 Potty Training Tips that Work!

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Bribery Works

Now I know that a lot of moms don’t agree with this method, but I used it (as did a lot of other moms I know,) because it works! Whether it is candy, a sweet juice box, or time on the iPad, find what your child covets and that you are willing to let them have after a successful trip to the bathroom.

This method works exceptionally well of your child is being stubborn and refusing to even try. Getting a special treat after potty time was a huge motivator for us.

Word to the wise: you may want to have more than 1 special treat up your sleeve so you can switch them up and keep your child's interest.

Set the Timer

This one worked wonders for all three of my kids. When your toddler wakes up in the morning or from a nap, put them on the potty. Then, set the timer in the kitchen for 30 minutes, and every 30 minutes thereafter. Make a trip to the bathroom whether or not they really need to go.

If they do go, set the timer for 5 minutes longer every time. If they don’t go, I set the timer for 5 minutes less.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, and obviously you have to pick a day when you are going to be home all day, but it really does work. Set aside a weekend and try it.

Over the weekend, consider leaving your toddler in training underwear instead of diapers. That way, if they have an accident they will feel it. Soon they will understand the connection and want to use the potty.

Tell Your Toddler Not To Use The Potty

Now you’re thinking I’m crazy! Reverse psychology, my friends. Telling a toddler to do the opposite of what you really want them to do will make them want to do it. This is how we finally got Ethan to use the potty regularly.

After months of unsuccessful potty training attempts, a friend told me that her doctor recommended that she tell her daughter not to use the potty and that they only wanted her to go in her diaper. Of course, this made her want to use the potty, and within just a couple of weeks she was fully trained!

Potty training isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to drive you crazy if you know your child is ready and have some tricks up your sleeve. Here are some more potty training tips and if you are a mom of multiples like I am, these toilet training twins tips might come in handy.

What tips can you share that worked while you were potty training your toddler?

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3 Potty Training Tips that Work!

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  1. Profile photo of Adrienne Adrienne says:

    While I was pregnant I was babysitting my friends toddler, She used the potty as a time out. which never worked but. But since I had to pee all of the time I just took him to the potty with me. If I had to pee I made him sit down on his potty while I peed. then we would sit there together until he peed. I never had an accident with him. and he only wore big boy undies with me…. lol

  2. Profile photo of Jeanetta Jeanetta says:

    Great article…I liked all of the tips most of all the reverse psychology…

  3. Profile photo of Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    those are good tips my daughter loves to do the opposite of what i tell her i never thought of doing it with the potty ive tried everything else in the world

  4. Profile photo of Nancy Nancy says:

    I really liked this article!!! The bribe thing LOVE it…busy mom, work 40 hours plus go to school, mother of twins (at age forty) and a 12 and 7 year old!! Time well there isn’t any I will try anything at this point!!

  5. Profile photo of Alison LeeAuthor Alison Lee says:

    I need all the help I can get with this! Thanks Natalie.


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