3 Favorite Fall Preschool Books with Learning Activities

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Fall is a great time to snuggle up with your little one, sip apple cider, and read books. There are so many wonderful fall-themed books that are perfect for preschoolers and provide a great way to teach your child about the changing seasons, emotions, problem solving, and so much more. Here are three great fall books and activities to enjoy with your kids as the days begin to cool and the leaves turn golden. 

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1.  The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Megan Lloyd

One of my son's favorite fall books is The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. The story is about a little old lady who goes out for a walk on a windy fall day to collect her herbs and nuts. As evening nears, she encounters bizarre objects that come to life, including shoes that clomp, a tall black hat, and a big pumpkin head. With each new object she encounters, she proclaims that she isn’t afraid of anything and hurries along her way.

Vocabulary Concepts in The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Nouns: path, herbs, spices, cottage

Adjectives: afraid, brave, dark, silver, big, tall, fast, huge, scary, safe, quiet, unhappy

Verbs: Each of the objects has a different verb associated with it and the text is repetitive, so children have plenty of exposure to each of the action words. The verbs are clomp, wiggle, shake, clap, and nod.

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Learning Activities with The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

*Bring this story to life by using props while you and your child share the story. Before you read the book, show your child the pictures (in the book) of all the objects you need to collect to build a scarecrow. Then help your child collect the objects around the house. Use large and small clothes to compare and contrast.

* Once all objects are collected, read the story with your child.  As you read, have them carry out the actions in the book with the props.  This activity teaches sequences and helps a child learn about storytelling skills.  


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2.  Trick or Treat  by Leo Landry

 The main character of the story is a friendly ghost, Oliver, who plans a Halloween party. In the first few pages, the ghost prepares for the party by delivering the invitations. On his way home, one of them slips out of his bag and lands on the doorstep of two little boys.

Once Halloween night arrives, trick-or-treaters begin making their way around the neighborhood, while Oliver’s guests arrive. When two unexpected guests (the boys who mistakenly received the invitation) knock on the door exclaiming “Trick or Treat!”, none of the guests know what to do. They whisper among each other deciding if they should spook the boys until they run away. Oliver finally decides to invite them in and the trick-or-treaters have a blast at the party.

Learning Activities Using the Book Trick or Treat

* The book teaches about the sequencing of events around a party.  Help your child plan a pretend party, writing down the steps along the way.

* Talk to your child about all the different food you might eat at a party.

* Ask your child what each member of your family might dress up as when attending a Halloween party.

* Older preschoolers can begin to look at a problem in a different way. Ask them what they might do if an unexpected guest came to their party.

*  This book teaches children about making new friends.  Talk to your child about ways to make new friends and what friendship means to them.  

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 3.  The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger 

The Little Yellow Leaf is a beautifully designed and written story about a little yellow leaf that is afraid of the changing seasons and does not want to let go of the oak tree branch.  The thoughts of the leaf are cleverly written in italic text.  When the leaf starts talking to a scarlet leaf, their conversation is in a much larger font.  The change of font demonstrates a growing friendship, as the two leaves help each other become brave enough to let go.  I love this story's message that anything is possible with the help of a friend.

Vocabulary Concepts in The Little Yellow Leaf


This book is very rich in vocabulary.  It is recommended that you talk about the meanings of new words while reading the story to your child.  

Nouns: harvest moon, heaps, flocks

Adjectives: amber, scarlet, fiery, musky, starry, bare, shimmer, lonely, anxious

Verbs: clung, beckoned, teased, 

Learning Activities with The Little Yellow Leaf

 * Gather leaves around your neighborhood and help your child make a leaf collage using poster board or stock paper.  Below the leaves help your child write his or her name using colored pencils.    

As the leaves start to turn colors, take the time to enjoy the season with your children.  Search for new fall books at your local libary, jump in a huge pile of leaves or pick a peck of apples.

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3 Favorite Fall Preschool Books with Learning Activities

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