3 Creative Ways To Remember Your Baby’s First Year

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My 3 year old's baby book is incomplete. I see that his first year measurements stopped at 8 months. His milestones are vague dates, though I remember those exact moments clearly in my mind. I have photo albums organized by month on my laptop, from the time he was born (that is 40 albums and counting), but none have been printed out or framed. I have his first cut lock of hair somewhere, but we moved over a year ago, and I can't find it. What I do have are letters to him on his first, second and third birthdays. I made a video for his second birthday, and each year, I take many, many pictures on the day he moves closer up the age ladder.

But his first year's baby book is practically non-existent. I didn't perform my self-appointed role of memory keeper very well.

By the time I was pregnant with my second child, I was writing a blog. There is a pregnancy announcement, bump updates, and a birth story, all captured in words and pictures on my blog. He has his own photo albums, also organized by month, on my laptop, although yes, none have been printed out or framed.

I cannot turn back time and complete my 3 year old's baby book. I can however, gather all the pictures of him I've taken, along with the letters I've written, and create a memory book of some kind. I'm determined to do better with my second, and have a yearly memory book for him. If you're looking to do the same, here are some options to consider.

Scrapbook with MyMemories Suite

A digital scrapbooking tool, MyMemories Suite is a scrapbooker's dream come true. For a one-time price of $39.95 for the software, you can create unlimited digital scrapbooks which you can then print out. You can also buy premade kits for as low as $3.99. The site is regularly updated with new graphics and scrapbooking kits. You can even create and print out photo books, using MyMemories Photobook Studio.

Print a book with Blurb

If you're like me and have hundreds (and thousands!) of photos, Blurb is perfect. Their easy-to use book making tool allows you to upload photos, add text and graphics to create a book. Or if you prefer, you can create a book from Facebook or Instagram photos. I'm particularly excited by the possibility of making a blog book, which will include all the posts I've written, along with pictures and even comments.

Speaking of blogs….


Start a blog

I'm ever so thankful that I write a blog, chronicaling the ups and downs, ins and outs of parenting. It's a space where I capture the big and small moments, ponder the challenges, and celebrate the joys. Starting a blog is easy, head to Blogger or WordPress.com, they're free!

However you choose to remember your baby's first year, just do it, it's worth it!

How did you document your baby's first year? If you haven't yet, will you use one of the above ideas?

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3 Creative Ways To Remember Your Baby’s First Year

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  1. Allison says:

    I’m bad at finishing projects I start so I essentially ignored the 4 baby books I got at my shower. It was in the back of my mind to do something, but I had no idea what. The night my son was born, my husband showed me the picture he took of the baby in the delivery room and it hit me. I’ve taken at least one picture of our son every day since he was born and put it in a folder on my laptop titled 365 Days of Rowan. Not sure if I’ll continue it after the year is up, but it is mindblowing to be able to see exactly how much he’s changed in 5 short months.

  2. Grace says:

    i never know what to write in baby books


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