23 Kids Sexually Abused by Idaho Daycare Worker

joshua ritchieHow well do you know the employees at your child’s daycare? On August 21, childcare worker Joshua Ritchie was arrested and “charged with lewd conduct with a child”; and then he admitted to his crimes: sexually abusing 23 kids between the ages of 5 and 12.

The 23-year-old, who worked at Cornerstone Childcare in Nampa, Idaho, only confessed to investigators after he was caught, because a “5-year-old boy told his parents that Ritchie had sexually abused him.”

Not only did Ritchie work at that daycare, he also worked as a kitchen staff substitute for the Nampa School District and at the Idaho Arts Charter School! He had access to a lot of children; and Canyon County investigators are still fielding calls from numerous parents who are rightly worried and concerned, wondering if their own child may have had contact with Ritchie.

If there wasn’t enough negative media concerning daycares floating around already, now parents can add this additional worry to the list!

When parents decide to enroll their children into a daycare, they are expecting that daycare to care for their child as well as, if not better, than they would themselves. A lot of parents struggle when deciding which childcare method is best for their family. And with all of the questions and concerns one might already have, it seems that it is time – in this wonderful world in which we live – to really consider if the childcare method your family has chosen might be the kind of place where a child could be sexually abused.

Ritchie is currently being held on a $2.5 million bond. (He asked the judge for a bond reduction, but was denied.)

If you have a child in daycare, or know someone with a child in daycare, are you confident in the selected center? Do you feel your child is safe?


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23 Kids Sexually Abused by Idaho Daycare Worker

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  1. Diana says:

    It’s a shame how someone could have the ability to even think of doing harm to kids

  2. Tiffiney says:

    With how expensive Daycares are, you’d think they’d have some type of safety in place for kids to speak freely about how they like or dislike their class and teacher. Plus don’t daycares teach about bad touches???

    My main question is how did the parents (in today’s time) have no clue what was happening with their 10, 11, 12 year olds?

  3. It’s things like this and what happened to my first born that remind me why I and happy I am deciding to stay home with my kids.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Makes me glad that my first child was watched by my grandmother and my 2nd and 3rd by my cousin. Thank god for family

  5. nancyk says:

    This is just so scary! All the more reason for me to focus on my business and eliminate the need for child care. Ugh! And background checks and such are only good if the person has already committed a crime like this. Unfortunately nobody knew that this person was capable of such disgusting behavior until many children had been abused. It’s so sad. Sexual abuse is among the worst types of abuse because it stays with the victim forever. I was a victim of abuse by a family member, and I truly believe that it has affected my life to this day. That’s really one of my biggest fears is that one of my children will be molested or raped. Very scary. Keep your little ones close and safe! And build a trust with them so that if (God forbid) anything like this happened to your child that they would know it is ok to tell you about it.

  6. PammyJimenez says:

    Well, I think that they need to really review there eimployee more careful and ask them personnel quetion no matter how they feel about it. This is really consern everyone child in this ugle world. Poor child don’t have any ideal if it love or care or it feel good. There babies don’t know until they know better when they get order. It is importenet to ask who you hire it is for the child sake. About Ritchie he needs help. It matter if he had been abuse he need to change his life it up to him if he wanted to or not. If he was raise like that then he might feel that was the right way to be love and care for what his parent did do that to him. I feel he know what he was doing in the man point of view every humand bean know what they going to to hurt them or hurt there self. I feel they need to be put him in prison for life. He know what he was doing and knows that is was not right. The only way he going to learn is going to prison and get help in there and read the bible what was right and wrong. Why hurt other child or adult as well by Sexually Abused any one kids. That is really not cool! Why can he move on and be a better person in his life. He choose to do what he did and that is just what he did. Hurt those childern that could say what on there mine and was scard at the same time. That man know what he did and he didn’t have to hurt anyone with what he feel or his mine is not there. He a grown man and he know that he was doing wrong and all these childen he hurt that crazy he really need to be put away so he will not hurt any other child again. I so sorry how he feel or think or want he should of ask for help there lots of program he could got in to. There are lot of women out there if he was sex if that was the case. I don’t care what he was on or how he was brought up. Yes, it come from the parents they show him to be like this but he older and adult he should of change that if he wantedt to. He had good jobs why did what he did to these childeren’s he not that supite to runon his life for this. He free out here why be lock up and hurt people and childeren as well. He need a lot of help I mean help now this child I hope there mom and dad will teach these childeren not to be like this man. To move on please everyone in the world please show them what right and wrong and who to love and care be strong fine a women or a men to be there for the rest of your life. Repect for one of other not hurt in the wrong way. This is WHAT I THINK!

  7. Sheri says:

    This is truly sad. 🙁 I went to high school with him. He was a nice guy back then. I don’t understand how people could even think about touching children inappropriately. Its discusting and I hope he gets what he deserves.

  8. Aliyah says:

    that is just awful.

  9. Alyssa says:

    these articles is why I am so glad my mother does daycare, and will be watching my children for me. The school part scares me. It almost makes me want to homeschool my children just to make sure they are safe from people like this. Its absolutely sickening. How could someone take away a child’s innocence like that? this man deserves the highest of punishments, and I hope all the children whos life he has so greatly affected find they love, support and help they need.

  10. Tangee says:

    holding back all the negative and horrible things i could say..i am very happy that a 5 year old was taught what is wrongful touching and told his parents! without that 5 year old saying something i could only imagine how many more children would have been abused!

  11. tamie says:

    what is wronge with our nation where people who get d w i s get stricter punishments than these sick sobs who sexualy abuse our children

  12. LIZ says:

    this is one thing that scares me the most

  13. mommy nhoj says:

    The one of my many fears to put my child in a daycare. We can never be 100% sure they’re safe. As to the devil culprit , I hope he stays in jail for a lifetime!

  14. Rebekkah says:

    This is horrible and disgusting. Children who are sexually abused carry psychological scars their whole life and to think from a daycare worker no less. This is an abomination. Child molester are beaten in jail by other prisoners because even they know abusing a child is gross and unforgivable. I hope he’s beaten everyday for what he has done to those poor innocent children. The trust a parent puts on you to watch their child is great and to break it in such a gross manner. How horrible those poor children

  15. jessica says:

    Annnnd this is why I do not let anyone watch my daughter unless its only for an hr. during church and I periodically check too. also I have only ever let 1 family that was not a family member watch her. and only for short times and I check on them too. I trust no one with my daughters safety but my husband an I. This guy better get a death sentence.

  16. carline says:

    Hang him upside down and have the birds eat his pennis.

  17. kaitlynn says:

    how sick!! an innocent child deserves so much more, they really need to evaluate ppl before they let these kinds off people around kids, I know they couldn’t have known but employees need education, training and extensive evaluation not someone who gets the job bc they play a good front, im mean what if it was their kids I bet they would have wished they would have done a better job of keeping tabs on the activitys this man was doing with those poor kids!

  18. danica says:

    I mentioned before i work in a daycare my mother owns ,we had 2 toddlers and they were good kids ,one day i told the 3 yr old he has time out for hitting his brother ,i explained what he did wrong and that it is not right ,etc so i said its your turn to go on time out ,the poor child went in the bathroom, i thought he was going to the bathroom since he is potty trained ,but no he went in the bathroom with the lights off and closed the door ,as soon as i saw him turn the light off i told him turn them on if you have to use the bathroom how will you know to wash your hands? he said ,you put me on time out so i am in time out, and he had just came from a daycare in which they used to verbally abuse them and mentally scare them !! that lady is still hitting and yelling at other kids even after their mom tried to investigate with the police ,ugh she shouldt have a daycare!!!!! Research the daycare and the people before you place them there

  19. danica says:

    My mother owns her own daycare and I work for her , reading this is so sickening how can anybody be sexually attracted to a 5 yr old or 10 year old ? I have a daughter and am concerned about the same thing putting her in a daycare that isn’t with my mom because around my area the daycare staff hits their students/kids and i wouldn’t want my daughter to go thru any of that so i rather her and all of the kids that we take care of to be happy healthy and safe with us ,in order for anybody to work for us we have to evaluate them with the kids and do a background check ,and we never leave them around the kids .Parents struggle to find a good daycare for their children because they fear stuff like that will happen to their children ,and with sickoes like this it makes us scared for our kids.Ugh

  20. Paula says:

    It is horrible that our kids are not safe any where. They are not safe at school because something horrible can happen there. They are not safe in a daycare because sickos like this guy or even a women is around the kids. Heck, now a days you cannot trust your own family which is sad .

  21. dana says:


  22. Liz Ortiz says:

    That dude Richie should stay inn jail. That’s one of the reasons my baby girl doesn’t go to daycare. She is cared for by a family member. I think that’s so disgusting and disturbing that there’s people out here in the world like that. I don’t understand why they so sick to be touching children or even thinking that way.

  23. Jackie says:

    I NEVER trust any males who are interested in doing babysitting or childcare.. it’s just NOT normal. Normal men, sure they take care of their own when the need arises, but in general they do everything they can to AVOID childcare in general… I distrust ANY male who is so interested in taking care of children! Creepers

  24. doanb says:

    Anyone who hurts a child in this manner should be put to death! Yes he will probably spend a little time in jail/prison but the child/children will endure the pain for a life time. His life time should be cut very short! This sort of thing really angers me!

  25. JEN says:



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