So Much Cuteness! Check Out These 20 Grandma-Approved Baby Names

When soon-to-be parents begin to brainstorm names for their offspring, there's a lot to consider. Some parents think about family names, special places, or notable characters from history or books. They also sometimes consider names that they know their loved ones will approve of. If choosing a grandma-approved baby name is important to you, we’ve got some ideas!

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In the United States, the average age of a first-time grandmother is 50 years old. To help you choose a grandma-approved name, we looked up the top ten names for boys and girls in 1967. Your baby’s grandmother likely grew up with a class full of kids with these names and their familiarity will make them appealing. Select a name from the list below and you’re sure to have grandma squealing with delight!


1. Lisa

2. Kimberly

3. Michelle

4. Mary

5. Susan 

6. Karen

7. Angela

8. Tammy

9. Melissa

10. Jennifer

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1. Michael

2. David

3. James

4. John

5. Robert

6. William

7. Mark

8. Richard

9. Christopher

10. Brian

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So, would you consider one of these grandma-approved names for your little one?

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So Much Cuteness! Check Out These 20 Grandma-Approved Baby Names

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