15 Things You Can Do During Your Baby’s 15 Minute Nap

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Before your little one was born, you probably heard the advice that you should “sleep when the baby sleeps” over and over. But what the advice givers probably didn’t address is what to do if you have a short napper for a baby. If you’re the proud parent of a little one who gets by on 15-20 minute naps throughout the day you probably feel a little overwhelmed. Most parents count on naptime to get things done and keep up with housework, as well as to relax and regain their composure. 15-20 minutes is both short enough that it’s tough to get big things done and long enough that you probably feel bad that you’re not getting anything done. If you want to be more productive during your baby’s short naps, check out the list below of 15 sanity-saving or list-checking things you can do in 15 minutes or less. 

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1. Unload and load the dishwasher 

2. Organize this week’s mail 

3. Chop vegetables for tonight’s dinner

4. Sweep three rooms of your house

5. Read one magazine article

6. Do a ten-minute work DVD or online workout

7. Call a friend whose baby also doesn’t sleep to talk about how tired you are

8. Write a thank-you note or birthday card to a friend or relative

9. Step outside, feel the sunshine on your cheeks, and listen to a few of your very favorite songs

10. Make a real sandwich with a real side to eat once your baby wakes up

11. Color a page in your relaxation-themed adult coloring book 

12. Read your favorite blogger's most recent post

13. Journal about your baby’s most recent milestones 

14. Go through baby’s clothes and pull out any that no longer fit

15. Take a five-minute shower and put on a fresh outfit

Good luck out there mamas! May your baby’s naps get longer and your to-do lists get shorter. 

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What do you do while your baby naps?

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15 Things You Can Do During Your Baby’s 15 Minute Nap

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