15 Instagram Accounts Every Parent Should Follow


Motherhood is a little less lonely when shared with other moms. Hopefully, you have a few you can call your tribe, but it also helps to see how moms all over are getting by. Instagram is full of beautiful photos of beautiful families – and some full of real moments.  Here are a few of our favorite Instagram accounts from other moms:

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Moms are such an important part of their children’s lives but rarely get in the picture.  The moms of Self-Portraits of Motherhood make it their mission to get in the frame with their kids and document their role in their children’s lives from bath time to play time to bedtime and all the times in between.  You will certainly see much of yourself in the photos posted on this Instagram account and maybe you will get inspired to get in a few photos with your kids sometimes, too. 

Life with kids isn’t always pretty. The moms of I’m About to Pitch a Fit don’t shy away from the temper tantrums all kids throw from time to time. Check out these photos of kids who are less than happy and you will know you are not alone.

Want to see the more fun side of having kids? Magic of Childhood curates photos from all over Instagram to showcase the different ways photographers capture the beauty and wonder of childhood, from dress-up time to nap time to all the times in between.

Want to see what kids do away from screens? Check out Candid Childhood and Childhood Unplugged to see lots of kids captured just being kids.

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The bond between siblings is one worth documenting and this new Instagram account, The Two Brothers Project, focuses on the sibling bond.  Although this account features brothers, anyone parenting siblings will love seeing the way the siblings featured play with and love each other.   

Want to see what happens when kids get absolutely no direction and are allowed to just be themselves in front of the camera?  Follow documentary photographer Kirsten Lewis as she captures her own daughter and children all over the world just doing what they do.  She has a particular interest in capturing what children do when they are unsupervised with funny and poignant results.  Sham of the Perfect is another family documentary account worth following that features the best of documentary family photography from across Instagram and focuses on the real rather than the moments posed for social media.   

Mom Ginger Unzueta is a homeschooling mom of four who lives in a gorgeous location and makes unbelievably gorgeous photos of her life accompanied by equally gorgeous captions reflecting the joys and hardships of motherhood. Her photos will be sure to stop you in your scrolling. 


Nursing moms will love seeing how breastfeeding is portrayed in art throughout time an throughout the world. After scrolling through Breastfeeding Art any nursing mom will feel as though she is part of a big, beautiful community. Mae Burke is a family photographer who specializes in photographing motherhood, including many moments of moms feeding their babies. 

Follow some of the Everyday Family bloggers! Jamie Davis Smith, a writer and published photographer, takes a photo a day depicting every facet of life with kids from going to the dentist to what happens when cabin fever strikes to her family’s many adventures living the nation’s capital.  Follow along with a mom who documents the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

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Anyone who has ever given birth, is pregnant, or is even thinking about having a child will be captivated by Birth Without Fear, whose feed is full of gorgeous, real photos of moms of every shape, size, and ethnicity birthing their babies – plus there are plenty of photos of the freshest babies anywhere on Instagram.  Want more birth inspiration? Check out Angie Klaus Photography.

Looking for some fitness and nutrition inspiration? Check out Nurse Duran who gets real about exercise and healthy eating with a toddler as a busy working mom of two.  

Join Everyday Family on Instagram, too! We have our own Instagram account filled with photos and check out our readers (that’s you!) tagged with #everydayfamily.  Follow us to see what Moms like you are up to across the country all year long from Valentine’s crafts to Halloween costumes and Christmas prep to everyday moments. 

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?

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15 Instagram Accounts Every Parent Should Follow

Jamie is a Beltway Insider who loves channeling her pre-motherhood love of traveling into spending time exploring all D.C. has to offer with her brood of two girls and two boys ages 9, 7,5, and a baby. She is a reformed lawyer turned full-time kid wrangler who enjoys photographing her everyday chaos and anything salted caramel. Since life is never dull, she loves writing about the issues and events going on in her life at any given time, including caring for a daughter with special needs and th ... More

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