Beat the Heat! 14 Kids Games and Activities for Indoors

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With summer heat not letting up any time soon, your kids may be spending their afternoons inside more than not. These crafts will keep your kids busy, even after the craft is done. Not only do you get some fun together-time  making things, but your kids get hours of play after the fact.  

Wooden Peg Dolls for Creative Play

These wooden peg dolls are such a fabulous craft idea. Easy to make, inexpensive to get the materials for, the possibilities are literally endless! Paint them like your child's favorite superheroes, make a whole family, a whole town….the Blissfully Domestic DIY for Wooden Peg Dolls explains what you need to keep your child engaged for hours.

Felt Board Monster DIY

Felt boards are simple to make at home, but can be expensive to purchase pre-made from the store. I love these felt monster play pieces that will allow your child to not only create his own unique looks, but mix-and-match for hours of quiet indoor play. See how to make your own felt board monster pieces at Untrained Housewife. 


Balloon and Tin Can Homemade Drums

I love these homemade musical instruments – a fun way for your kids to explore sounds and rhythms without using any extra material except what you probably have around the house already. Kids love noise-makers and these simple drums will let you talk about how different sizes and shapes produce different sounds! See how to make your own drums at Hands on As We Grow


Homemade Slime for Sensory Play

Homemade Slime Recipe– what could be better for kids than a little bit of goo! This great recipe uses items from the kitchen pantry and creates a fabulous sensory experience for your kids. I love Emily's tips for working with her special needs son with the slime, but any child will have a good time.


Foam Sewing Cards for Preschool Manipulative Crafts

Sewing cards are a classic learning toy for young children who are developing their eye-hand coordination. But making your own? Genius. Choose your child's favorite colors and shapes, or coordinate the lace-up cards with whatever subject your child is learning about. So smart. See how to make them at Crafts by Amanda.

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Recycled letter lid game pieces

I love these alphabet game pieces which you can use as a tactile tracing aid, a letter-learning manipulative, or just plain fun! Use those old lids without having to just toss them and make some fun crafts for your kids at the same time. See the full tutorial at Evolving Motherhood.

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Sensory Wall Craft for Infant Development and Play

Infant sensory wall? This is a fabulous idea for a nursery, play room, or even kid-friendly living room area. I love the bright colors. I love the variety of textures and fabric choices. If you have older kids they can help select fabric and assemble the sensory pieces, giving them a way to feel involved in the new baby's life. This is a win/win! See the full sensory wall panels at Fun at Home With Kids

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Make Your Own Play Dough

Making your own play dough is a great way to control what chemicals your kids come in contact with. I know my kids always really like making it too. Then, of course, they have the colorful dough to play with. It's another win/win for kids and parents alike, and will keep them busy! Get the homemade play dough recipe at My Scraps.

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Homemade Marble Run

My kids love those marble run kits you can build and race your marbles through. So when I saw this amazing DIY tutorial to build your OWN marble run with leftover pool toys I knew we had a winner! This make-it-yourself marble run is a great way to encourage kids to build in creative ways, with a fun toy to play with when they're finished! From Inner Child Fun

Math games with shells for kids

If you have preschoolers you'll want to give them a chance to try this seashell math game. Such a fun way to work in an educational activity for a beach study or unit lesson about the ocean. Use it like a memory game or simple math fact practice. See tips for learning activities at No Time for Flash Cards

Homemade Finger Paint Recipe

Finger paint is always a fun activity for kids. This homemade finger paint is a great recipe that will keep kids busy and having fun doors. Here's a mommy-hint – put down a large cookie sheet on the table and put their paper inside the cookie sheet. Then mess will stay inside the cookie sheet and off your table! Full Recipe at Easie Peasie.



Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon for Dolls

This paper mache hot air balloon craft is based on one of the new American Girl dolls. It's a more involved craft that younger kids would need help with but your kids will end up with a lovely toy. Their little action figures and dolls will have a fun new toy with nothing else like it out there. See the full tutorial at Naturally Educational

DIY Surprise Dinosaur Eggs

 If you have a budding paleontologist you will love this craft idea. Have you seen those fossil rocks kids can dig up and find the hidden dinosaur bone inside? This is a DIY version of that and kids will love it! You can either have them pick out their own treasure or surprise them! See the recipe for these fun surprises at The Kitchen is my Playground

Homemade Tic Tc Toe Game

A classic kids game, tic tac toe, is fun for kids and grown ups alike. This game set is a do-it-yourself and made from durable fabric so it can be reused. The large, tactile pieces are perfect for littles and will provide a lot of hands on fun for the family. See the directions at Sewing Secrets

 These indoor activities will keep you out of the heat, but busy, engaged, and having fun! Which will you try first?

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Beat the Heat! 14 Kids Games and Activities for Indoors

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