11 Products That Have (Really) Made Motherhood Easier

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get really sick of the sales pitches to mothers. Honestly, it feels like the business and advertising world thinks us moms are just poor, insecure saps who will fall prey to any and all ploys to get us to spend more money to better our lives and ourselves. 


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On the contrary, I think I am doing just fine, thanks. But I will say that I am always on the hunt for ways to make my life as a mom easier and I don't need ads, sales pitches, or Instagram posts to convince me to buy fit tea or gummy hair vitamins or whatever the heck else I am supposed to want to buy for a “better” body and hair. Nope, instead, I just want the tried-and-true products from real moms that have actually helped make their lives easier. Ready? Here are the products that real moms, myself included, have found have made a REAL difference in making our lives easier. 

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Get an off-brand, wait for a sale, ask for a damaged version, barter your way into getting one, I don't care, but get yourself some kind of vacuuming robot if you have any amount of floor space in your living area. Mother's Day is a great time to buy one because they usually go on sale. I bought the cheapest one I could find and it has changed my life. Also, pro-tip: if you put something in your cart on Amazon, then wait a week or so, they will knock some money off by emailing you a link for a lower price. #yourewelcome 


Google Home & Google Home mini

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I feel like I am late to the Google Home/Amazon Alexa game here, but I can say with 100% honesty that I love ours. My mother-in-law is absolutely horrified that we have one and is certain we are being listened to by Mark Zuckerberg and his people and maybe we are, but for me, the convenience is outweighing the risk of Marky Mark spying on my riveting kitchen conversations.

Here's the deal: I got to try out a Google Home for free back in the fall (there's my disclaimer so you don't think I'm an unethical journalist) but I loved it so much that I then went on to buy two Google Home minis for my daughter's rooms. The Google Homes act like an intercom system, so I can literally talk back and forth to the kids while they are upstairs in the room. If I'm packing lunches downstairs and want to know if they want a banana, I can ask them right there; if dinner is ready and I don't feel like yelling, I can have Google do that for me (ha).


AND even better, my kids (and my husband) can add things to the shopping list just by saying, “Hey Google, add toothpaste to the shopping” list and it automatically adds it to the list on my phone. I literally feel like I spend the majority of my life shopping, only to come home and realize we are out of ten million other things, so this has been a GAME CHANGER for me. It's so much easier than our old system of “casually mention we need something to Mom while she's busy doing something else and hope she remembers.” 

Eyelash Extensions

Oh, eyelash extensions, how I love thee. For close to a year, I was a regular eyelash extension customer and I loved them. They were no maintenance (other than getting them on, of course) and they made me look and feel like I was always put together. It's incredible, actually, what a difference eyelashes can make. They were so darn convenient because I never had to put make-up and I didn't have to take any off at the end of the night. So, so easy for a busy mom, but alas, they are expensive to keep up, so my lash love life has come to an end. If you're in a super busy season, however, like the newborn stage or pregnant and just want a pretty boost, I would definitely say give them a try if you hate wearing make-up like me!

A Paper Planner

I know, I know, I should be all hip to the cool and embrace all the tech planners, but I've tried them all and the results are in: paper is better. I use my phone calendar for keeping track of pretty much everything in my life, but for my work and personal tasks, I prefer a nice, pretty planner that's just for me. There's something way more motivational about writing out my day and week tasks in my pretty planner instead of sticking it in my phone. 

A Stick Blender

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Laura Quinn LeBouef swears that a stick blender, of all things, has made motherhood easier for her. “In the early days, [I used it] for making homemade baby food. Now it's my savior for making ‘breakfast popsicles” and soup, some of the most handy and time-saving ways of packing (sneaking) nutrients into a kid-approved format,” she explains. 

All The Things

I also crowdsourced on good-old Facebook to find out what products other moms are loving and some of the suggestions aren't surprising (a minivan topped the list, which I 110% agree with) but others may just surprise you:

  • “A cleaning lady twice a month!”
  • “Sound machines!”
  • “Keurig coffee maker because I can make coffee in 2 seconds any time of day or night!”
  • “Amazon Prime!”
  • “Swiffer dusters!”
  • “Tablets–there, I said it!”

OK, now it's your turn: what are some of the products that have made your life easier as a mom?

What do you think?

11 Products That Have (Really) Made Motherhood Easier

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