10 Ways Having a Baby Is Just Like Graduating All Over Again

Graduation season is in full swing and as I fill my calendar with open house dates, stock up on graduation cards,  and try not to cry about how much money I have to spend this summer, I am also struck by how similar two of the big events in life are:

Graduating and having a baby.

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Sure, at first glance they may not seem all that similar, but if you think about, it actually makes perfect sense to compare having a baby to graduating, because the two are so closely related in ways like …

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1. The end of both pregnancy and high school feels like one torturously slow crawl

Senioritis? Try 10-month-pregnanitis and then come talk to me. You kids ain't seen nothing yet. 

2. You celebrate with cake

Baby shower or open house, it doesn't matter. Life is always better with cake. 

3. You get a really big, ugly gown

Sure, one shows your butt to the world and the other one is uncomfortable and itchy, but pretty much same-same.

4. Your parents get really, really emotional at both events

Be prepared for tears and lots of comparisons to your own baby stage. 

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10 Ways Having a Baby Is Just Like Graduating All Over Again

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