10 Ways Dads Can Help First-Year Mothers

10 ways dads can help first year moms

During a baby's first year, we talk about the mothers a lot. We offer advice, how-tos, and stories. What about the dads? Life changes for fathers, too, and the first year is just as important for them as it is for mothers. It is just as important for the baby that Dad is involved. How can fathers help their partners, the mothers of their child, especially in the first year? There are many ways dads can make life easier (and more fun) for moms. 


Way #1

Offer to look after the baby on a regular basis. Taking care of the little one and allowing Mom to go out on her own is a great way for her to regain her sanity. Even a 15-minute respite a few times a day, which will allow her to take a shower, check her emails, or sit in silence, is a luxury for her. Don't be put off if she says, “No, it's all right.” Insist. 

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Way #2

Don't roll your eyes when she asks you to pick up more diapers (or wet wipes, milk, cookies) at 11:00 p.m. Yes, she should have told you before you left work, but remember, she is probably tired and has genuinely forgotten. 

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Way #3

Occasionally, eat dinner last. Young ones don't enjoy sitting at the dinner table for too long. Let her eat first while you look after the baby. Stay at the table while entertaining the little one and keep up some semblance of a conversation. 


Way #4

Cook weekend breakfasts. Sunday morning French toast, feta scrambled eggs, or anything she likes. Just make it with a flourish, and make it a weekly thing. 

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Way #5

Take over weekend middle-of-the-night feeds with expressed milk or formula from the bottle. Six hours of uninterrupted sleep will make her feel like a new woman. You can take a nap with the baby the following afternoon. 

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Way #6

Make sure the house is stocked with her favorite food! 

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Way #7

Make it a point to do something together, like an activity that she enjoys, even if it means watching Project Runway! 

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Way #8

Be supportive of her hobbies. If she likes baking, blogging, working out, or photography, be supportive of that. Give her the time that she needs for those activities, and try to encourage it. Everyone needs an outlet. 

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Way #9

Ask her if she's OK. Talk to her. Every day. 

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Way #10

Tell her that you love her, that she's doing a great job, and that you're there for her. 

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10 Ways Dads Can Help First-Year Mothers

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