10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Significant Other


Many parents are laser-focused on finding the perfect Valentine's day cards for their child's class this time of year. It can be easy to forget that just a few years ago Valentine's Day was all about celebrating your relationship with your significant other. Looking for some creative ways to celebrate your love?  Look no further.

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Write a love letter: You may tell your significant other daily that you love them as you head out the door. But taking some time to let them know why you love them will be a gift your spouse is certain to treasure.  

Have an in-home date: Finding a sitter on a Saturday night (let alone Valentine's Day) is no small feat.  Instead of throwing in the towel and spending the night in your sweats, put the kids to bed a little early, get dressed up, and have a romantic night in with your significant other's favorite dinner or give yourself a night off and have something delivered.  

Make their dreams come true: Something racy may be in order, but make your significant other's dreams come true by doing something they always wanted. One significant other I know recently gave her husband the outer-space themed party he always wanted but never had as a child just by getting some decorations at the dollar store. Another got her husband an ice cream cookie cake just because he had always wanted one. Special order a favorite treat from their hometown or track down a copy of that movie they love but isn't on Netflix. Small gestures can go a long way and shows you know your significant other in a way no one else does.

Picture this: Boudoir photography has gone mainstream. These photos, which normally do not feature any nudity, are very popular gifts that brides give their grooms on their wedding night. But anyone can have these photos taken at any time. Most women find they love the experience of getting pampered and feeling beautiful. Not your thing? Book a family photo session and be sure to get some couples-only photos without your kids.

Let your SO choose: Make your own coupon-book with coupons your SO can cash-in anytime.  Some examples might be asking for a foot massage, take the night off from doing dinner, getting to choose which TV show to watch that night, a pledge to make their favorite dinner that night, getting to sleep in, etc. 

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Make it a monthly event: Similar to the coupon idea, but with a twist.  Come up with an idea for each month and seal it in a marked envelope. Then, once a month your SO will reveal what the surprise for the month is. It could be elaborate as a weekend away (if you can get the grandparents to commit to watching the kids) to a dinner at their favorite restaurant, an elaborate in-home date, or a night out with the guys you arrange in advance. Your SO will be sure to love these monthly reminders of how thoughtful you are.

Play hooky: Can't swing a night out? Don't worry. Be creative. See if you can coordinate going into work an hour or two late and go out for brunch while the kids are in school or plan a playdate at someone else's house one afternoon and go on an afternoon date. A “night out” can be anytime as long as you are with your love. 


Start a memory jar: Get a simple jar and place some paper scraps and a pen nearby. Every day, write down a memory or something you love about your SO. After a year (or a month) set some time aside to go through the jar with your significant other. You will love thinking every day about why you love your SO and going through the jar when it's time. Have kids you want to involve? Consider using different colored paper for family notes and notes just for your SO.

Learn a new skill: Surprise your SO with something new. Learn some new massage techniques from Google. Does your SO love playing poker? Surprise him by reading up on the game and then issuing a challenge.  

Ticket-this: Look ahead to what's coming to your area in the next few months.  Surprise him with tickets to see his favorite team or favorite band. Your SO will be reminded of how much you love them again on the day of the big event.  Or, search for a one-of-kind experience he may not know about such as simulated, indoor skydiving at a facility like iFly,  indoor rock climbing, an IOU for white water rafting, or something unique to your area.  

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10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Significant Other

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