The 10 Best Apps to Make the Holidays Run Smoothly

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The holidays are here! And that means things are about to get crazy for families everywhere. Check out the 10 best apps to help make the holidays season run smoothly.

Bambino, a free membership babysitting app that using a private social network, connects you to a community of recommended Sitters that are trusted by friends and families right in your own neighborhood. All-star mom Gwyneth Paltrow even revealed it as one of her fave mommy items in the latest Goop This & That newsletter! Bambino connects parents with sitters that friends have used and recommended. Bambino also tracks the duration of the sit. And, once the job is done, parents can pay the sitter right through the app! (NO MORE shuffling for money or stopping at the ATM on the way home!) 

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Cocoon Cam is the first ever no-wearable baby breathing monitor with HD video and streaming audio. Cocoon Cam is more than just a video baby monitor. It connects to your smartphone or tablet and uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to deliver breathing monitoring, instant alerts, and sophisticated sleep analytics. The computer vision allows you to monitor your baby without any wearables or mats. Cocoon Cam provides parents with a real-time breathing graph displayed on their smartphone or tablet and Instant Alerts directly to their device if they sense something has changed or requires attention. Because Cocoon Cam uses non-contact, non-invasive technology, there are no potentially harmful rays or signals pointed at the baby.

Bark is a digital safety solution endorsed by parents and children alike for its ability to unobtrusively identify threats and provide proactive recommendations. Unlike traditional monitoring tools that require parents to comb through every single post or that use keyword searches that ignore context and history, Bark combines data science, machine learning, and pattern matching for more accurate alerts. These alerts are combined with research-based, actionable advice for addressing the issue head-on, putting more power in parents' hands to address digital dangers.

Lansinoh Baby pairs with the Lansinoh Smartpump for easy tracking and automatically records pumping sessions. Easily track baby's activities and share information with healthcare providers. The app records the time you start breastfeeding and the duration of that feed. It also keeps track of which side baby nursed from last. You can also record what time your baby had a bottle and how much your baby ate. Lansinoh Baby also creates a “fun” space to record baby's wet and dirty diapers. It's like a game… almost!

Heal is an on-demand doctor house-call service available in some parts of the country. 365 days per year, from 8 am to 8 pm, for just $99 (or, soon, just the cost of copay) with just the click of an app. Heal's doctors include pediatricians and family practitioners, who can do everything from annual physicals (including the blood draw) to sick visits,  to flu shots, to stitches.  Anything you'd go to the urgent care for, Heal can handle. If you or your little one gets sick over the holidays. use this app to let the doctor come to you.  

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Out of Milk is the biggest shopping list app in the US (+10M downloads) that makes holiday meal-planning hassle-free. The app lets you effortlessly manage detailed shopping lists with multiple people, across phones and PCs.

Retale is a location-based mobile app that helps 26 million shoppers find the best deals and savings at stores nearby. And they have ACTUAL partnerships with top retailers like Target, Walmart, Macy’s, and more so every deal you see works (some apps will say a deal is available at one location when it’s not). This app will also have the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

BusyKid is for kids who want to buy gifts for their family and friends for the holidays, but rarely have spending money. Children can earn extra money by using BusyKid. The website allows parents to assign chores and tasks to children. They can also  set the amount of money that will be earned for completing each task. The child can then receive physical cash from the parent for their completed chores or buy gift cards right on the BusyKid website to give to their loved one as gifts. Everyone is happy!  

GateGuru is a free app that has the low-down on most international and domestic airports, including where restaurants, shops, and other amenities are located. Traveling with kids is stressful enough – this app makes it easier.  

Have some apps ready for kids who need to be entertained. Check out Magic Piano,  Kodable, Brains On! to keep kids occupied while you put up Christmas decorations!


Do you have any best apps suggestions to help the holidays run smoothly? Share in the comments!

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The 10 Best Apps to Make the Holidays Run Smoothly

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