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Birth Complications

Have you heard one too many horror story about difficult deliveries? Are you worried about possible birth complications? Below, you will find numerous articles from doctors, health experts, and other mothers, to help ease your mind and answer some of those questions you might have about labor and delivery.

Birth Complications During Delivery
What You Need To Know About Fistulas

I recently read the book A Better Woman: A Memoir of ...
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CHD: The Most Common of Birth Defects

The heart is an amazing organ. Immediately after conception, the heart begins to develop. ...
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Emergency Home Birth: 4 Things You Should Know

What should you do if you can’t make it to the hospital? Find out ...
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Problems In The Delivery Room: Why Can’t I Hold My Baby Right Away?

Every mother anticipates the moment after delivery when she first sees her newborn ...
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What Should You Do When Labor Doesn’t Go as Planned?

It is good to have a labor plan. You should have one, and your partner or ...
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Understanding Premature Babies

If you are at risk of having a premature baby, a baby born earlier than 37 weeks of ...
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