5 Backyard Games for Toddlers

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Here are some fun games you can do with your toddler, or toddlers, outside. With these fun games, you are sure to get ‘em good and worn out for nap time!

Freeze Frame
For this game, you can use a radio or iPod, or you can sing. Play or sing a song, and you and your toddler can dance around the yard. The sillier, the better! Then, stop the music and shout “Freeze!” Have everyone strike a pose until the music starts up again.

Sidewalk Chalk
Grab a bucket of thick sidewalk chalk, and let your toddler go wild on your driveway and walkways. If you’re a little artistic, draw different animals and ask your toddler what sounds they make. You can draw letters, numbers, and shapes too. Ask your toddler what she sees, and have her repeat after you.

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All toddlers love bubbles (I think it’s a law). You can blow bubbles with your toddler and have him chase them, and pop them. There are many different little gadgets now that make bubbles even more fun: automatic bubble makers, bubble guns, different shaped wands, and even scented bubbles!

You can also step it up a notch, especially if you have more than one little one to entertain, or a group of toddler friends. Fill up a small plastic pool outside with water and stir in some dish soap. You can either find giant wands to purchase (in the outdoor toy aisle of discount stores), or you can shape wired clothes hangers, using pliers. Have all the kids gather around the pool for giant bubble fun!

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5 Backyard Games for Toddlers

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    thank you for the helpful tips on games my 4year would loves thesesgamess


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