back painHave you ever wondered why pregnant women waddle? During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone called Relaxin. Relaxin causes the ligaments around the pelvis to soften to allow the baby out through the pelvis. This in turn leads to waddling.
Unfortunately, it also leads to backaches. As your pelvis is relaxing, your uterus is growing, which changes your center of gravity. In addition to this, your overstretched abdominal muscles are not equipped to handle the entire weight of the uterus so your spine and back muscles will bear this extra burden.

A relaxing massage, a heating pad, or hot bath will help to sooth your aching back.

Your best bet to avoid back pain is to have a strong, healthy, limber back. Posture is a big factor in back pain. Stand up straight and tall, with your shoulders out, rather than slumped over. Make sure to lift with your legs and not your waist. Do not bend at the hips when picking things up; kneel down instead. Don't move in a jerky fashion.

Strengthen your core muscles by exercising, especially pelvic tilts. Stretch every day, but be sure not to overstretch. Swimming is a refreshing way to exercise that will take the weight of your belly off of your back.

Wear flat healed shoes that offer good support, and buy insoles made especially for pregnant women. If you are feeling discomfort at night, try sleeping with pillows supporting your legs and back.

You may not be able to avoid waddling, but hopefully by following these guidelines you can improve your chances of having a pregnancy free of back pain.

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  1. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Even prior pregnancy, I have a weak lower back so coming the third trimester its unbearable most of the times. I am too lazy to exercise even breathing exercise! Maybe next time 😀

  2. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    I did yoga that help me a lot

  3. Profile photo of Heatherly Heatherly says:

    I’d love to be able to swim to help my aches….where is the pool and who will watch my kids?

  4. Profile photo of Tina Tina says:

    I didn’t know that they made special insoles for pregnant women… but I guess it doesn’t surprise me . I think my back pain is mostly because of my posture. I’ve never had that great of posture and I’m starting to regret it, It’s a hard habit to break. I find that putting a pillow behind my lower back helps a lot.

  5. Profile photo of JNay28 JNay28 says:

    I didn’t know they made insoles just for pregnant women. I’m definitely going to have to look into those!

  6. Profile photo of Jade Jade says:

    I have always had back pain but now with the pregnancy it is much worse and now my back pops on it’s own a lot when I lay down is that normal?

  7. Profile photo of Marina Marina says:

    At almost 30 wks. my back, hip, & pelvic is getting so bad that I need back brace & SI / trochanter belt.

  8. Profile photo of IvyVillani IvyVillani says:

    It doesnt seem to really matter what I do to ease my back, it still hurts…it will be wonderful to be able to pop my back and stretch and maneauver in ways that I haven’t been able to for months…

  9. I am 30 weeks and I just started getting back pain. I tried a heating a pad, but I burned my back by accident! =[ Can’t wait until the baby is here and my body will be back to normal – – someday.

  10. Profile photo of Anber Anber says:

    I have back pain when I sleep at night. I wish I could sleep on my back.

  11. Profile photo of Jeanetta Jeanetta says:

    My lower back hurts me so bad after standing for long periods of time.

  12. Profile photo of Hope Hope says:

    I’ve had a lot of back problems and I try to stretch to ease the pain.

  13. Profile photo of insignia820 insignia820 says:

    I’ve been trying to swim as much as I can

  14. Profile photo of marichinno marichinno says:

    Helpful information and the heating pad does help a little.

  15. Profile photo of My-My My-My says:

    heating pad is great!

  16. Profile photo of evelyn evelyn says:

    will try the insoles for pregnant women for my back.

  17. Definitaly going to try a heating pad!!

  18. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    my hubby so doesn’t understand why i nedd a billion pillows (billion here really only being 3 or 4


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