Babymoon Ideas and Locations

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You’re pregnant! Between the crankiness, mood swings, food cravings, and hot flashes – so many things going on in your life right now. 

The important thing to remember is that your babymoon should be comfortable, relaxing!

So, you’ll want to ensure that your babymoon will be a relaxing experience, and not a taxing one. But, what is a Babymoon?

Just like a honeymoon is a tranquil time to spend with your life partner before the daily routine of married life begins, a babymoon is a vacation to take before the arrival of your baby. The purpose of a babymoon is to give yourself time to collect your thoughts as a couple and prepare for the shared responsibility of caring for a newborn.

How to Choose a Babymoon Location

Choosing an appropriate babymoon getaway location is probably the most important decision to make. To choose a location, you should first know what you expect to achieve from it.

Why Are You Taking a Babymoon?
Do you want to spend time bonding with your partner? Do you want to attend childbirth classes or other pre-natal groups? Do you want to get relief for the aches and pains plaguing you? Are you looking to buy some cute outfits for your baby?
Depending on your answer, you may want to choose a spa resort, a shopping district, a weekend pregnancy workshop, the beach, or maybe even a combination of reasons!

How Many Months Pregnant Will You Be at the Time of the Babymoon?
Your choice of location will also depend on how far along you are. A six-months pregnant woman would possibly be more active than a woman in her eighth month. So you’ve got to choose a location and activities appropriate to your stage of pregnancy. Most women choose to take babymoons in the second trimester, when they’re past the first trimester’s miscarriage risk and morning sickness, while not yet in the physically uncomfortable stage of the third trimester.

What’s Your Budget? 
Finally, most couples wonder whether it’s wise to spend money on a babymoon, instead of saving up for the baby. So you’ve got to consider your finances and take a pre-baby vacation that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty.


What do you think?

Babymoon Ideas and Locations

Tell us what you think!


  1. Alycia says:

    My babymoon will be alone, and somewhere in nature with a waterfall and a picnic.

  2. ahh so we already have our babymoon planned and I didn’t even realize it… we have planned that as soon as we find out for sure what we are having we are going on a shopping spree with the money we have set aside to get things but we didn’t want everything to be green and yellow or for the wrong sex, This is amazing since this is my fourth pregnancy and I have never really taken a babymoon…. excited yes I am and so is he we cannot wait to find out the gender of our little sprout.

  3. NunuMAME says:

    I might just take my babymoon alone but ill have one 🙂

  4. Andrea says:

    Living in Orlando, a stay-cation to the beach or local resort hotel and spa would be great!

  5. Carrie says:

    I am shocked to be reading just how many women can’t afford even a simple vacation before giving birth. Was it a planned pregnancy? How will you afford any unknown setbacks? How will you afford a vacation in the coming years with your child?

  6. sheenaholman says:

    Ha ha I agree, I would just like to take a day off from baby one!

  7. Baby Moon?…. Please, I would be happy if he would just help me more with the baby, I feel like a work horse sometimes.

  8. Phammom says:

    Can’t wait to go on ours. Heading to traverse city Michigan. I would have just started my 3rd trimester.

  9. Belinda says:

    Wish it was possible but not right now.

  10. PaulaPC says:

    I never did get a babymoon. Maybe next time. 🙂

  11. Marina says:

    Went to Egypt & Jordan last year before conceiving. I rather spend extra time with my baby once he is born than taking off for babymoon. The pregnancy has been quite rough for me all 3 trimesters therefore, I would not enjoy myself.

  12. Marina says:

    I wish I felt better (still have extremely bad nausea, back pain and awful hip pain w/ instability at 6 1/2 months). Also extra funds would be nice.

  13. Kaliaunna says:

    Wish I had the money to go somewhere really nice.

  14. Janice says:

    I am happy for the new way of treating women, but I would have like these things also.

  15. I wish it wasn’t so cold out. It makes me want to just stay home and be miserable on the couch =[ I wish we could afford an exotic getaway with the clear blue water and palm trees….

  16. hannah83 says:

    Love this idea! 🙂

  17. I"m not so sure about a babymoon

  18. Julie says:

    All of these are fantastic ideas. We didn’t go on a babymoon. I wanted to, but now we only have 1 month left in the pregnancy and our one year anniversary will be in October so we will just go back to Tennessee to the place where we were married.

  19. Michelle says:

    These are great ideas. I wish I could take a babymoon but I’ll be finishing up my last semester of college. I’m so excited!!!

  20. My fiance and I are planning a camping trip, just the two of us and spend 3 nights and two days, fishing, grilling, walking, and possibly swimming…I’m so excited and I can’t wait…it will be so relaxing

  21. Ari says:

    Can’t wait for my babymoon! <3

  22. McKenzie says:

    These are great Ideas I will mention them to my partner.

  23. Arlene says:

    I would LOVE to go to the beach…but I’ll be so huge by then who knows if I’ll even enjoy it.

  24. I wish we had the money to do this

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