My Baby – Week 9

If you are lucky, it is very possible that you will hear your child’s first laugh this week. You may hear a giggle, or a squeal, after a quick tickle, or even after you smile hello to him in the morning. If your little one isn’t laughing yet, don’t despair. Most infants will share a giggle by the end of their third month.

How is your baby sleeping?

There are a few important tips you will want to follow when putting your baby to sleep. Make sure your infant is sleeping in a safe, comfortable space. This means she should be lying on her back with enough clothing to keep her warm, but not overheated. Be sure there are not any dangerous objects nearby, like toys, pillows, or thick bumper pads that could mold to the shape of her face and impair her breathing.

Follow a ritual at bedtime. Some enjoy starting with a warm bath, followed by feeding. Next, rocking and snuggling, singing or reading – these are all bonding times for mother and baby. Find a routine that works for you.

Nine-week-old babies are still too young for the Ferber Method. This method teaches parents to let infants and toddlers cry for progressively longer periods until they accept a sleeping arrangement. It is not recommended until babies are at least six months of age.

If you are having any trouble putting your baby to sleep, you may want to see if the following tips work for you:

  1. Watch closely for cues signaling he is drowsy.
  2. Place her in the crib just as she is about to fall asleep.
  3. If he is tired enough, he might fall asleep and wake up in his crib and associate his crib with comfortable sleep.
  4. If you place her in her crib, and she immediately wakes up, don’t give up! Being persistent will pay off. Just pick her back up and soothe her until she is again feeling drowsy and content.
  5. If your baby does not fall asleep right away, try putting him in the crib; then with the rocker or glider right next to the crib, sing or read to him. You can also stand at the crib and rub his chest or tummy to put him to sleep.
  6. After two to three weeks, you can try to gradually move your chair a short distance away from the crib, so your baby can see you. You can continue the rituals, including talking, reading, and singing for your baby, but reduce the amount of time you spend each night. You might find that, eventually, your baby has no trouble falling asleep.
  7. Consider background noise. A white noise machine or placing a fan in your baby’s room might help lull him or her to sleep. Turning on the sound machine can also work as a sleep cue to your baby at night. A fan in a room is also linked to a reduction in SIDS, so it’s definitely worth a try.


What do you think?

My Baby – Week 9

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  1. sylvia says:

    My grandson isn’t really giggling, should I be worried? ??

  2. Lynsey says:

    My little Jasmine has been on a sleep routine schedule since day 1 it hasn’t changed much and I love her schedule right now. I know it’ll change as she grows though. She completely fell in line with our schedules its like she has always been here.

  3. Chinelo says:

    My baby sleep well in the day time but at she doesn’t too stressful

  4. Jordan says:

    My wife and I are so excited about our son. He is amazing. His smile, his laugh, his moments of cooing makes my heart melt. Fatherhood is awesome!!

  5. evangelina says:

    My son wakes two times just to eat and be changed at night! As soon as he is fed he right back to sleep! It has been two months since i brought him home! That smile is priceless!!

  6. Jessica says:

    My baby would be extremely stressed if I gave him a bath before bed; he likes his bath time and usually becomes upset when I dress him afterward. We already have a bedtime routine for him that involves me nursing him just until he’s relaxed enough for me to change him, putting on his pajamas and changing his diaper, then nursing again while I read him a story. He has been falling asleep at night on his own since he was 5 weeks old (he doesn’t cry when I put him to bed as long as he’s clean and has a full belly; if he’s wide awake when he goes to bed, then he will just coo a bit until he falls asleep) and has been sleeping for 5-51/2 hours at night.

  7. hanaya says:

    I can’t beilive it’s been Tow months but so happy with my baby girl im first Time Mom and im loving it

  8. DESIREE says:

    This is very informative about immunization as my baby is schedule for her 2 months check up tomorrow. I have learnt some more things and have my questions for her doctor. He is sleeping longer, smiles, giggles and pushing up when she is on her tummy on her play mat. My baby is growing, her cooing’s are longer and sometimes it sounds like screams.

  9. Courtney says:

    Little man sleeps thru the night(most nights) from 10pm to 7 am, favorite part of the day is when he sees me and he smiles first thing in the morning

  10. Crystal says:

    He giggles so much and gets really excited laying on his changing table, kicking and cooing, sometimes REALLY loud. LOL. He looks me dead in my eyes and talks to me, smiling and such. Cutest thing ever

  11. Tammy says:

    Yes been hard for but i keep at .

  12. I don’t want to believe that its been two months already

  13. ooh love the idea of a massage!! Love it 🙂

  14. Leighann says:

    It goes by so fast!

  15. My little one gives me a smile when he sees me after he is done hanging with daddy while I’m washing the dishes … Sooo cute…… It’s the first sign of tenderness and makes me want to just kiss him all over his face lol…. The only problem we seem to have is gas… He gets pretty upset over those tiny tummy cramps… Gas drops bearly do the trick… Dr says no spit up or diarea then no allergy to the formula since I am unable to breast feed due to my epilepsy meds…. All in all this is a great time for a baby… They are starting to get their personalities and can make you laugh you butt off or make you cry your butt off…. Well worth the struggles and responsibilities!!!

  16. KMM2425 says:

    They grow sooo fast! He has giggled a few times and he smiles everyday. It melts my heart!

  17. nerisaleota says:

    My daughter is 2 months and she got her shots today! It was hard seeing her cry but good thing her dad was there to keep me from crying with her.

  18. like the way she smiles

  19. EbyMom says:

    she giggles alot and smiles which make me so happen to hear her. she smiles once she sees my face and I also talk to her. I enjoy every moment I share with my lil cuties

  20. sheenaholman says:

    Her giggles are rare but I love them when they happen!

  21. Amy says:

    I don’t want to miss a moment of my 2 month old growing up. He is getting big so fast.

  22. MARiiA says:


  23. Grace says:

    boy, my boy is growing so fast

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