My Baby – Week 7

It's week seven! Whether you are returning to work soon, or getting settled in to a routine at home, enjoy the time you have! We have milestones, checklists, and much more for you this week.

Milestones to look for this week:

  • Your baby may be able to lift his head while lying on his stomach.
  • Her eyes may focus on your face.
  • His eyes may also follow an object that is moved about six inches above his face. Bold shapes and patterns, mostly black and white, will attract his attention.
  • She may also know your voice and will likely respond to it by either becoming quieter or making more noise.
  • You may also notice that he likes the sound of music, and he may find it relaxing.

Your little one is probably still sleeping the day away. Most likely, she is averaging 15-18 hours of sleep per day. Though you may wish this included continuous sleep throughout the night, it probably doesn’t. To encourage babies to sleep through the night, some professionals suggest waking them up if they sleep for more than three or four hours at a time during the day. Often, these awakenings will coincide with your feeding schedule.

You may have also noticed that your baby is starting to anticipate mealtime. You should continue to feed your baby every two to four hours, whether they are breast or bottle fed. Gradually, the time between feedings and the amount consumed at each feeding will increase. However, during daytime hours, you should be feeding at least every four hours. For now, a good way to tell if your baby has had enough to eat is to see if she seems satisfied and continues to have wet diapers. If you have any concerns about your child’s eating habits, please check with her pediatrician.


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My Baby – Week 7

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  1. Courtney says:

    She just turned 7 weeks old, but she has a hard time sleeping the average amount. I really wish she can get 6 hours of sleep straight, but still doing 2 to 3 hours at time before she wakes up for changing and feeding. Is this normal?

  2. my baby turns 2 months on july 1. yesterday she rolled over from her stomach to her back for the first time! 🙂

  3. Francis says:

    My son isn’t two months and he’s already been lifting his head while laying on his stomach for awhile now he’s a strong baby

  4. amber says:

    My son is 7weeks 1 day old today. He had trouble gaining weight at first so his doctor put him on a strict every 3 hour feeding schedule but he refuses to wake up at night for his feedings any tips on how to wake him up?

    • Megan Klay says:

      Have you tried “dream feeding”? Basically you just nurse your baby while he is still sleeping. Gently take him from his crib and nurse him in his room in the rocking chair/glider, then put him back to bed. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  5. My daughter is 2 months and a week and she is picking her head up and she is super strong for her just being a baby lol she’s beautiful !

  6. Grace says:

    i love how the posts stay on for for long i can look back and see how my other children were doing all in one spot. so need to take those notes written here and write them down on paper. anyway babies grow so fast!!!

  7. Angela says:

    My little girl Addi, as we call her, is growing to fast for me. She has been lifting her head for sometime now but the cooing and noise making has started and I love it. Her smiling or chuckling when she sees me when I come in view. I love watching her sleep…..well when she actually sleeps. She has her good sleep days and her not so good sleep days. There are days were she will cat nap for 20-25 mins then wakes up cries out for a little bit wimper some and then she will doze back off to sleep. Now I don’t pick her up unless she is screaming crying or its feeding time. But her night time sleep is horrible. She never gets into that deep sleep to where I can walk into the room and she doesn’t move. But she jumps at every thing. The floors creek her bad and my bed makes the loudest noises ever when you get into it, (spring lined mattress). I try to be quiet especially at night time but sometimes its impossible. I have a tv I leave on bc I have to have it for the noise or I won’t sleep but that doesn’t bother her its all the other noises. She is always stretching and gunting even in her sleep. Is there any suggestion as to why she doesn’t get into those deep sleeps? Help please.

    • crystal says:

      Have you tried giving her a warm bath right before bed with baby magic calming soap. It works wonders for my little one she’s 7 weeks old today and normally can get her to sleep three or four hours at a time at night after her bath

  8. adam says:

    Our little one turns 7 weeks today 🙂 She is already cooing back to us, lifts her head regularly during tummy time, and follows us with her eyes. My question however is if anyone else has experience the 6-8 week growth spurt as of yet? Our baby is hungry/feeding now 10-13 times a day although she spits up 75% of the feedings.

  9. Nadege says:

    My baby boo boy turns 7weeks today. He barely sleeps 1hr straight during the day since he was born. he was born 8.1lbs, he was 10.6lbs for his month appointment. He’s smiling, cooing, but cries like crazy when its tummy time. He is so alert sometimes I forget that he is just a baby.

  10. Javeria says:

    When the baby’s second food will start ?? My baby is almost 2 months old.. What is the proper activity i shud do?

  11. silvia says:

    Ollaaa !how many time shold baby poop because mine s doing 1time on every 3days nd he s 7wks,and someone knows about wy does kids bleeds ????

  12. elna says:

    my baby is 7weeks and 2 days now, she’s born 2 weeks before. She’s not smiling yet, focus on my face nor coo.. im a bit worried

  13. Katy-Jane says:

    baby girl just turned 7 weeks yesterday, she’s 11lbs even now, and already outgrowing 0-3 month clothes! She was born realy long. Sleeping is so sporadic, some nights, 5 hours, other nights 30 minutes ! lol last night was a 30 minute sleep, so hard on me but happy we have a year off in Canada to adjust!

  14. Connie says:

    wish you could set babies age not just on birth day, our Milla was 10 weeks early so isnt in this “age” category

    • Connie – That’s something that we’ve discussed incorporating in the future. In the meantime, you could change the birth day so that it is adjusted for your early arrival. You can always update your profile to fit your needs. Hope that helps a bit!

  15. Melodey says:

    My baby girl is 7 weeks today! She still isn’t smiling but she is sooo strong and absolutely loves tummy time. Shes with me 24 hours and i am starting to notice shes already becoming more attached to me and rarely let’s me put her down. She is colicky and only wants me to hold her and walk around the house bouncing her. She usually cry’s for hours at a time but we took her to the doctors and shes perfectly healthy just grumpy 🙂 I cant wait for the moment when i see her smile for real for the first time. Shes also only waking up once a night and is on a pretty good schedule. She weighed 6.11 when she was born and has been gaining weight with each doctors app. we go to last time she was 8.6 we go to the doctors again in a week and a half and i cant wait to see how much weight shes gained!

    • Lindsey says:

      My daughter is 7 weeks old and is colicky sometimes too. I have found the best way to get her to calm down when she is uncomfortable is to bounce on an exercise ball (medicine ball) while holding her. It almost instantly makes her quiet and will slowly put her to sleep. U said your baby likes when you bounce them so a light bounce on this might make your life a lot easier. Hope this helps

  16. Cynthia says:

    My son will be 7 weeks tomorrow and he has been holding his head up since the 2nd or 3rd day in the hospital, he rolled over during his two week checkup. He sleeps about 4 hours a nite and noticed that he is more alert during the day the past week or so and not wanting to go to sleep. I am so excited to see all the milestones he completes as he progresses

  17. rosveyarni says:

    Caiv is 6wks 1day today at first gaining weight was an issue born 5lbs5oz he dropped quickly down to 4’9″ once home it took a feww weeks but we are 6lbs9oz’s hooray!! NOW IF I COULD JUST FIGURE OUT WHY HE KEEPS THROWING HIS HEAD BACK AND ARCHING HIS BACKWARDS!!! CONCERNED

  18. Samantha says:

    my baby is 7 weeks tomorrow and is such a blessing. She sleeps for 6 hours at night and than is alert, is always fighting sleep during the day. Its like she feels like she cant miss anything and is always wanting to be walked around the house. I feed her both breast and bottle and is showing little nipple confusion. I sometimes wonder if she is eating to much but if i stop at only 4-6oz she is crying and spits out the paci. And refuses to sleep so i feed her more and she is out like a light. I also return back to work tomorrow and am worried she is going to notice me gone all day and give her O-ma a run for her money. I love her! She looks like dad but acts like ma:)

  19. stefy1991 says:

    My Baby gets fussy in the nights but im breastfeeding her but i her this is normal i wish i had a little more rest but i know it will change my Baby was born 7.4 pounds and shes 12 pounds the last time i weight her i really love her so much god bless my angel shes going to get her shots this weekend i really dont want too but i guess is for her own good she loves arms and she is so use to me always sleeping with me she never like her bassinet not Crib my mom says i spoil her but i always try to consul her when she críes so much

  20. Sierra-Dawn says:

    It is going to fast

  21. Sammy11613 says:

    My baby is getting so big he is 7 weeks and now 9 lbs 15oz and he was 5lbs 15oz I’m so in love with him !!

  22. brittney says:

    Man i didn’t realize the time would go by so fast!! I can’t believe Dominick is so big already!

  23. sheenaholman says:

    She loves being sung to now.

  24. magbat says:

    my baby turns 7 weeks now

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