My Baby – Week 6

Did you just hear that? By week six, your baby may begin to make sounds other than crying! Infants often begin to make cooing noises during their second or third month. Tummy time may also have some surprising developments this week because, for the first time, your baby may be pushing herself up with her arms. Week six brings a lot of landmarks, and it’s important to take things slowly and enjoy every moment.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you may be concerned about your baby being comfortable taking a bottle from your partner, grandparents, or eventual babysitters. Week six is a good time to begin introducing a bottle to your little one (if you haven’t already). It may ease the transition if you start with a small amount of expressed breast milk. Surprisingly enough, you may find that he is more likely to take a bottle from someone else other than you. Take advantage of this and try to use bottle time to sneak away for a bath, chat with friends, or just take a breather.

Also, don’t feel pressured to introduce a bottle. You can choose to breastfeed throughout your child’s entire infancy without ever introducing a bottle.

Smiling Through the Tears: Maintaining Your Sanity with a Colicky Baby

If you are lucky, the time your little one is spending awake is pleasant for both of you. However, some infants have trouble with colic. These babies may spend most of their waking hours seeming miserable and fussy.

Although colic has been an issue for many mothers, over many years, there is still no true understanding of the exact cause of this period of unhappiness. It was previously thought that the fussing was caused by discomfort due to stomach issues, and colicky babies are often gassy and fussy during or after feedings, but no connection has been established between intestinal issues and the occurrence of colic.

Colic can be as difficult for the mother or father as it is for the baby. It can be frustrating and disheartening when the baby you adore seems to find no comfort in your arms. Many a mother has found herself crying along with her seemingly inconsolable infant. Fathers are also not immune to the frustration inherent in dealing with a baby who doesn’t respond well to anything you try to do to calm her down. If you are dealing with a colicky baby, here are a few things to remember:

  • Just because he is crying doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. If you know that he is fed, dry, clean, and getting enough sleep, then you are doing the right thing.
  • If you fear that there may be something more going on, you should certainly speak with your pediatrician. However, sometimes infants cry without providing the adults caring for them any concrete reasons why.
  • Do your best to calm and comfort your baby, but try not to take the tears personally.


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My Baby – Week 6

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  1. Joshua says:

    Just turned 6 weeks she is being breast feed but is no going # 2 seems to be about every 3-4 but does go a lot not colicy

  2. nichole says:

    My son is 6 weeks and just a couple nights ago he just started crying around 11 pm or so for no reason(was fed changed everything!) he screamed and cried and cried and then about 1230 he just went to sleep. could that be colic or could it just be his crying peak? he has done it for 2-3 nights now? i know they go through a crying phase pretty much about this time and he is gassy from his soy formula but i tried everything to get him to calm down. Last night i got him to calm down a little bit and he would fall asleep and then wake up suddenly and start crying! i felt so bad because i couldnt get him to relax and go to sleep but during the day he is fine :'(

  3. Grace says:

    My boy is making new noises!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    My son is 6 weeks 2 days old. And I still don’t feel comfortable with people holding and touching him. People think I’m being to protecting. What do you think? I just enjoy having him to myself, listening to him coo, smile, and turning from his stomach to his side. My son is my enjoyment every day.

    • tina says:

      My son was 9.5 weeks early and micro premie 2.2lbs. So I understand. He is 3.5 months old and i have a little sign.

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi Elizabeth – I’d say do whatever you’re comfortable with, but know that it’s also good to get your baby familiar with others and that they would probably love to share in the joy you’re experiencing! 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    We have to remember that babies have that crying peak around 4-6 weeks old also. It make not be colic…just hitting their peak and will shortly stop crying so much. My baby girl just came out of her peak at almost 7 weeks old:) Things are getting more enjoyable and fun while she’s awake:) I love her with every fiber of my being

  6. Timothy says:

    Just about time to start using a fork

  7. Gabriela says:

    My little honey is already starting to hold his head up all on his own , he is so cute love him to pieces : )

  8. sharath says:

    My baby is 6 weeks old now. His belly (center point) is not yet heeled. Still some times white liquid is coming out.
    Is it normal ?

  9. ALEJANDRA says:


  10. I always thought that colic was when your baby is crying nonstop, but I think my son has a mild form of colic. It just seems like a lot of really bad gas. I feel so bad when I cannot comfort him.

  11. Sierra-Dawn says:

    My son looks as if he is going to sneeze but then a coo comes out instead

  12. sheenaholman says:

    I hate when my girl cries it makes my heart break!

  13. emi285 says:

    Bean is making many noises…way cute 🙂

  14. Ada says:

    My baby sleeps all day and awake at midnight down.

  15. Jeanetta says:

    I don’t think my daughter has colic but she does cry more than her used to…

  16. erynnsilver says:

    With babies who are crying no matter what you do, it’s good to remember that even though they don’t seem any better while you hold them – they are. Their blood pressure is lower, their heart rate lower. They ARE happier in your arms.You ARE helping them.

  17. Grace says:

    my baby seems to have colliciness/stomach issues and he has just started to lift when on tummy time

  18. Jennifer says:

    My baby is very colic, we got stuff called Gripe Water and it seems to help. She also is extremely gassy. I have mastitis right now and the antibiotics Im on might be the cause.

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