My Baby – Week 51

Your baby's first birthday is next week! You are probably busy preparing, but remember, keep it simple! Try to plan the party during hours that your baby is usually awake and active, and remember to take lots of pictures!

Separation Anxiety at Bedtime

You may have dealt with separation anxiety when leaving your baby with a sitter, but as your child matures, you may find that he is experiencing some separation anxiety at night when you put him down to sleep. Just as in dealing with separation anxiety during the day, it's important to remember that separation anxiety at night is a completely normal part of growing up, and it won't last forever. However, keeping your child company whenever he wakes up, or until he falls asleep, won't help him exit this phase any quicker, but following these tips may help ease separation anxiety at bedtime.

Keep the night calm –

During the hours leading up to your baby's bedtime, keep the mood in the house calm. This will help keep your baby's stress level low before the stressful separation that comes at bedtime.

Give your child some pre-bedtime attention –

During the hours leading up to bedtime, try spending some extra time focused on your baby. Put your reading away, turn off the news, and try to give your child as much attention as you can.

Stick to the routine –

A routine can lower stress levels for your baby because she knows exactly what to expect. Switching even a little detail, like skipping story-time or doing things slightly out of order, might not seem like a big deal to you, but it can be very unsettling for her. Predictability is reassuring and comforting for your child.

Don't pick him up, turn on the light, or stay until he is asleep – Whether it's when you first put him down, or when he wakes up in the middle of the night, try to avoid these behaviors. If he pulls up, it's best to just lay him back down in his crib and say goodnight again in a comforting tone.

And remember, sometimes babies wake up at night because they just aren't feeling well. Ear infections and teething can be particularly painful at night, so you may want to check with her pediatrician if you have any concerns. In the case of teething or an infection, the pediatrician may be able to prescribe something to help with the pain.


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My Baby – Week 51

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  1. Profile photo of KristineAD KristineAD says:

    So if your not supposed to pick your child up or soothe then to sleep then how do you know if they’re feeling sick or are teething unless you can distinguish their cries of course. If you do know they’re sick then you aren’t supposed to comfort then either? Sure just give them a prescription. Don’t use comfort that would teach them that you will be there for them and that I’d they just need love at that time too bad. Just drug them up. I’m so sick of people saying that if your child is uncomfortable or can’t sleep that you should just give then acetaminophen or ibuprofen or in the case of my step kids, melatonin because they don’t want to go to sleep. Sometimes you have to be a loving parent and not just look for a quick fix for everything.

  2. Profile photo of KITTYNOLAND KITTYNOLAND says:

    My son does not like Co-sleeping with my husband and I.He loves his own space and we want to respect that.Maybe when he is no longer in a crib, he will be interested..?

  3. Profile photo of Jenn1212 Jenn1212 says:

    What about that time being with your husband in bed? Is there ever time for just you two to be lovers? Maybe it’s too personal of a question, but do you think he may feel like you are distancing yourself from him or somewhat "replaced?" Not judging, just curious how this works for your relationship with your significant other.

  4. My child still sleeps with me. She will be a year old in a few days. My two boys slept with me also. They are now 17 and 19 years old. They both slept with me until they were two. My daughter will also. My whole family has done this with all their children. To each his own. Some people would never dream of doing this, just as I would never dream of sleeping without my child in my bed. They did just fine transitioning and are fine to this very day. 🙂


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